Ben Gleib Interview

The host of GSN’s “Idiotest” Ben Gleib is back to play the game with Home & Family. The teams have been divided up and in the end it was Mark, Tanya and Debbie who won!

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DIY Owl Wings

Tanya Memme shows how you can make your very own owl wings. Tanya explains that it is a fun project to create for your kid and their friends and the wings are so easy to make. Tanya emphasizes the main ingredient you need is fabric glue.

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Red Lentil Daal - Home & Family

Red Lentil Daal

Food Network star and author of “Fed, White, & Blue” Simon Majumdar joins Mark and Cristina in the kitchen to cook up Red Lentil Daal. Simon explains this is his family’s favorite dish and it is very nutritious, too. Simon explains that the dish builds on its flavor and builds and builds. Simon also receives an ovation when he announces he just became an American citizen.

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Spring Makeup Trends

Makeup artist and author Melanie Mills stops by to chat with Cristina about the hottest makeup trends this spring. Melanie says that colors are all the rage and matte lipstick is another trend to be on the lookout for. The easiest way to incorporate more color into your makeup is with lipstick. Melanie assures Cristina that anybody can pull off more color when it comes to makeup, only when done right. She gives Debbie and Tanya both makeup makeovers with more color.

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Kat Foster Interview

Actress Kat Foster opens up about her role on TBS’s “Your Family or Mine” which airs Tuesdays, 10/9c. Kat says she researched her role by studying up on classic TV moms for inspiration like Florence Henderson and Patricia Heaton.

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Dr. JJ’s Low Cost Baby Tips

With a new baby in the house, it is essential to baby proof your house. Dr. JJ is here to tell you how to do it without spending massive amounts of money. Household injuries are the leading cause of ER visits for children under three. Dr. JJ recommends baby proofing your home from the ground up.

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Mark Steines’ Photography Tips - Home & Family

Mark’s Photo Tips

Mark shares his photo tips with Home & Family starting with how to de-mystify water. Mark says when you increase your shutter speed, you can stop time and actually see water droplets if shooting rain. When you slow the shutter speed, you get a milky look shooting waterfalls and waves of water. The Neutral Density Filter reduces all wavelengths of color equally. When shooting with slow shutters speeds you must use a tripod.

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Perserving Lemons - Home & Family

Preserving Lemons

Dan Kohler is back and this time he is showing Home & Family how to preserve lemon for up to a month. When placing salt in the lemon he explains that you are keeping mold from the lemons but also creating lactobacillus, a good bacteria for your stomach. Using the lemons, Dan prepares the popular Moroccan dish, couscous.

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Universal Orlando with Debbie Matenopoulos - Home & Family

Universal Orlando with Debbie

Debbie sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about Hallmark Channel’s Ultimate Family Destination Sweepstakes. Debbie herself went to the Orlando resort when she was 11. There are two theme parks now at Universal Orlando, multiple hotels, restaurants and a variety of thrilling rides. Now you can enter to win a trip for eight to the Universal Resort in Orlando for a three-night stay, including transportation. The contest starts on April 8th and runs until April 30th.

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Ask Matt Iseman

Matt takes to social media to answer a few questions. Matt admits that when it comes to looking for a pick-me-up he turns to performing stand-up comedy and even brings an old performance of his for Home & Family to watch. When asked if Matt misses being a practicing doctor he says he doesn’t and looks to comedy as a way of performing medicine to the audience. Matt calls comedy his true calling.

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