A great addition to children's parties.


  • Fabric of different colors and patterns. 1/2 - 1yard each. Cotton works great.
  • 1 yard of canvas
  • Fabric glue or hem tape
  • Ribbon
  • Fabric sheers
  • Elastic
  • Chalk

Step One:

Arrange fabric in layers

Arrange your fabric in the order you would like to see your feather layers.   This helps you to stay organized and plan a bit ahead of time.

Step Two:

Creating the wing shape base.


Take your canvas fabric and draw out the wing shape along a right angle in the fabric. I used the bottom edge of my canvas. If you don't like the curve you first drew then wipe off the chalk and try again. Once you like the shape, cut out the left and right wing accordingly.

These two pieces become the base to glue on the layers of feathers.



Make sure the length along the top is the same length of your child's middle back to the beginning (not the tip) of his/her longest finger.


*The top length is the same length of Avas spine to her middle finger.


*Make the height of the wings the same as the length or a little bit longer. It's up to you.


*This is the left wing. Do the same for the right side. Use this wing as a template for the right wing.

Step Three:

Creating the template for the feather layers


Then take one of your wing sides and trace out a third one BUT make the curved side about 4" longer. This will create the pattern for first layer of feathers as well as all the additional layers.


Step Four:

Create template for feather layers cont..


Take that and and cut it into 5 or 6 sections as seen in this photo. This creates the templates for the feather layers.  Number them as I have from 1-5

This is your template for your feather layers. You'll be cutting out 2- 6 of each different strip length.


*Put these strips aside.... You'll need them later.



Step Five:

Attach the wings to the ribbon.


If using hem tape, line the top of the wings along the ribbon with the hem tape in between. Iron in place.


Note: Make sure to leave about 4" of ribbon on both ends and about 1/2 inch in the middle between the two wings.


Here you can see how the hem tape works. I ended up using fabric glue because I didn't get a strong enough stick with the hem tape.



Both wings are secured along the ribbon. Trim any access along the top.


Step Six:

Cutting out the colorful feather layers.


Cut strips out of your different fabrics to create the layers of feathers. You'll need 2-6 of each template but alternating fabrics. Making sure you have 2 of one fabric, 2 of another fabric and 2 of another fabric to create the multi layers on each wing. 


Note: you only need 2 pieces cut out of #5

Step Seven:

Triangles for feathers


Taking one or two strips at a time,  fold them in half twice and cut triangles out along the bottom curve. See photo.


Note: the triangles don't need to be perfect or uniform but try your best. Mine certainly aren't perfect and my wings turned out great!

Step Eight:

Glue on the fabric feather layers


Glue the layers along the curve of both wings.



Step and Repeat all the way up to the top, stopping about 4-5" from the top


These two layers were both cut from strip #1

Then the next two to three layers will be from strip #2 and so on...


Note: I wanted each layer of fabric to blend well but totally different from the layer before. You are making two wings so you have to repeat everything exactly the same on the opposite wing.


Step Nine:

Final touches.


Once you almost get to the top, glue on #5 for the last and final layer.

Then glue ribbon (the same length as the one underneath) along the top of the wings to give it a tailored finish. 

Attach elastics in the middle for your child's arms to slide into. Tie the ends of the ribbons together to create a finger loop.


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