Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

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DIY Springtime Mats - Home & Family

DIY Spring Welcome Mats

Orly Shani is welcoming springtime with these colorful DIY mats using a plain bathmat. You can find all the materials for the DIY at your local craft store. The best part is by using a bathmat, you make this DIY machine-washable.

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Sweet Tea Braised Short Ribs - Home & Family

Sweet Tea Braised Long Bone Short Ribs

Chef John Kunkel is in the kitchen today making a flavorful dish of sweet tea braised long bone short ribs and pairing them with brussels almondine. Before searing, he seasons the ribs with Montreal steak seasoning and sugar. The key to searing the ribs is to keep the heat low and slow.

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Rainy Day Products

Kym Douglas is introducing you to a variety of products to enjoy during a rainy day.

The Davek Alert
The Handbag Raincoat
Under the Weather Pods

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Karan Brar

Actor Karan Brar sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about his new movie, “Pacific Rim: Uprising,” which is playing in theaters. He even brings a clip from the movie for the audience to enjoy. Karan also shares stories of what it was like meeting President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

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Yemenite Matzo Ball Soup - Home & Family

Matzo Ball Soup

Recipe developer Tori Avey is in the kitchen making a traditional matzo ball soup. She also points out that you can use grapeseed oil as a replacement for schmaltz (another word for chicken fat) if you want. An added tip is to cook the matzo balls separately from the soup to control the doneness. When you chill the matzo after cooking it, you make it easier to scoop.

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DIY Animal Coats - Home & Family

DIY Animal Coats

Ken Wingard is upgrading your coats with this fun DIY project. If you are not comfortable with hand stitching the material, you can always use fabric glue with the same results.

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Starlight Children’s Foundation

Digital media manager for Starlight Children’s Foundation, Tara Millspaugh is joined by two design finalists Ava Ngo and Max Ngo to talk about their design-a-gown contest, which had 6,000 submissions. Tara explains that Starlight Children’s Foundation’s purpose is to make hospital stays less difficult for children.

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Choosing a Floor to Match Your Style - Home & Family

Choosing a Floor to Match Your Style

Paige Hemmis teams up with Lumber Liquidators to help you choose a floor to match your style, breaking down the variety of flooring available to you.

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“The Magicians”

Actress Jade Tailor sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her SyFy series, “The Magicians,” which has its season three finale tonight at 9/8c, but don’t worry, season four will be back in 2019. She also talks about how devoted the fans of the show are, even sending her some beautiful and colorful artwork, which she proudly shows Home & Family.

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Spring Cleaning Your Man’s Closet

Lawerence Zarian is helping you clean your man’s closet in time for spring with these helpful tips including pulling all his items out of drawers and closets and creating separate piles labeled: damaged, donate, tailor and keep.