Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis shares how she keeps a positive outlook on life. Chef Brad Miller is in our kitchen making one-pot oven-roasted halibut, and more in Season 9, Episode 86 of Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family."
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Tips for Pet Sitters


Travel with the assurance that your dog or pet is safe at home with Larissa Wohl’s tips on how to find the perfect pet sitter.

Find a Sitter:

  • Ask friends or family members familiar with your home to watch your furry friends.
  • You can also check out local options in your neighborhood for a sitter.
  • Finally, check with your Vet Tech as they are advanced in their knowledge of your animal and would be great sitters.

Prepare the Sitter:

  • Start with a meet and greet. This is a great opportunity for you to see how the sitter interacts with your animals. Your pets also get acclimated to the sitter.
  • Leave instructions on what foods your pet eats, where it is located, and how often they eat.
  • The best way to convey instructions, preferences, notes, and emergency content preferences is through a Sitter information sheet with these notes and numbers listed.
  • Ask for photo and text updates to share how your pet is doing
  • If you have any technology looking in on your pet or tracking your pet make sure you let the sitter know
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Jamie Lee Curtis Interview

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis is known for her many feature film roles including “Halloween,” which has another installment coming to theaters this Fall. She talks about her latest passion project that is helping others, My Hand In Yours.

My Hand in Yours is a sentiment Jamie included in cards she wrote to loved ones during tough times. She had a small sculpture of this sentiment created to sell and as the pandemic began to spread the need for this sentiment grew greater. All the proceeds from My Hand in Yours sales goes to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

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Brad Miller – One Pot Oven Roasted Halibut


Brad Miller is making a one-pot oven-roasted halibut that will melt in your mouth. This show-stopping recipe is easy, amazing, and has an out-of-this-world flavor. The trick to the one-pot dish is to use a pot with a heavy bottom as it will be transferred to the oven.

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DIY Bike Picnic Storage


Ken Wingard has created a stylish way to transport your picnic to wherever you need to go for a good time outdoors with the family. He shows how to make DIY Bike Picnic Storage for you plates, food, drinks, and blanket.

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Authors of “Everybody Fights” Penn and Kim Holderness

Penn and Kim Holderness broke the internet when their Christmas card video in 2013 went viral. Over one billion views later their videos are still making waves. They also have a new book, “Everybody Fights,” which peels back the curtain on how they make their relationship work. As a couple that lives and works together, tense moments are inevitable. However, they’ve found some magics words and a language to help their relationship stay strong.

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DIY Beehive Centerpieces


Maria Provenzano has a project that has the entire house buzzing. She shows how to make DIY Beehive Centerpieces. This adorable, nostalgic décor is perfect for Spring.

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