Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

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Grilled Lamb Chops with Spicy Tomato Chutney - Home & Family

Grilled Lamb Chops

Chef David LeFevre is in the kitchen today grilling up some mouth-watering lamb chops with a spicy tomato chutney. In order to save time, you can make the sauce up to two days in advance. In order to get the most flavor, marinate your lamb chops for an hour in the fridge before grilling.

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DIY Floral Clock - Home & Family

DIY Floral Wall Clock

Maria Provenzano is making her very own floral wall clock that will brighten up any room. In order to create a look with more depth and texture, layer the flat pieces over one another. The best part about using a wire wreath is that you can change it up with the seasons.

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Sara Rue

Actress Sara Rue sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her Netflix series “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” which is currently streaming. She also brings a clip from the series for the audience to enjoy.

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Bison Tacos and Guacamole - Home & Family

Bison Tacos and Guacamole

NFL running back Matt Forte is joined by his wife, founder of 828 Clothing, Danielle Forte to make some delicious bison tacos with guacamole. They also give you an added tip when using hot peppers, the smaller the pepper, the bigger the kick! While they are cooking, the duo discuss their What’s your Forte Foundation.

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Fashion Fixes - Home & Family

Fashion Fixes

Lawrence Zarian is helping Home & Family viewers with their every day fashion dilemmas.

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DIY Paddle Headboard

Paige Hemmis is updating a headboard with this fun DIY. All you really need are craft paddles, a saw, a drill, screws, rope, glue and gun and 2x4’s. To continue with the nautical theme, feel free to add netting or shells to the board.

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Original Gangster Breakfast Sandwich - Home & Family

Original Gangster Breakfast Sandwich

Chef and owner of Nighthawk restaurant, Jeremy Hall is in the kitchen making what he calls the original gangster breakfast sandwich. The secret ingredient to the delicious spread is adding bacon fat to the mayonnaise. Make sure the spices are whisked thoroughly in the vinegar before adding it to the meat.

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DIY Holiday Pins and Brooches

Getting into the holiday spirit, Orly Shani is showing you how to take felt, scissors, hot glue and beads and turn them into festive pins and brooches.

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Mark Gregston

Best selling author and Executive Director of “Heartlight,’ Mark Gregston sits down with the family members to explain the dangers of social media for teenagers. He also discusses his

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“Pinners” Craft Reviews

Ken Wingard is back with his review of products he discovered while at this year’s Pinner’s Conference.