Paige Hemmis is updating your headboard with this nautical theme.


  • Rowing paddles
  • Craft Paddles
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Weathered wood accelerator
  • Five 1”x4” pieces of wood, cut to the width of your bed. You can have your hardware - store cut the pieces for you.
  • 6 metal “T” braces
  • OPTIONAL: Rope
  • OPTIONAL: Glue Gun
  • OPTIONAL: Acrylic paint


1. Measure the space that you need for your headboard. I am making a queen, which measures 60” across.

2. Lay out paddles on a solid surface in the order that you would like. I got 3 rowing paddles and 10 craft paddles.

3. You will be screwing them in from the back, so lay your 1x4’s across the top, middle and bottom. Attach with T-braces and screws.

4. Since I am using 3 real rowing paddles, I will be using them as the outside of the bed, and one in the middle.

5. Attach the paddles to a 1x4 piece for the vertical sides that will be used as the other cross braces.

6. Attach all of the cross braces with the T-braces.

7. OPTIONAL: You can add the weathering component or paint it colors.

8. Attach the frame to any bed frame that you would like to use.

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