Black Bean and Esquite Salad - Home & Family

Black Bean and Esquite Salad

Chef and Restauranteur Susan Feniger joins the Home & Family kitchen to cook up Black Bean and Esquite Salad. She learned to make Mexican food while working in a French restaurant. Susan opened her first Border Grille restaurant over 20 years ago!

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Melissa Peterman Interview

Guest host Melissa Peterman talks to Mark about the June 3rd premiere of her ABC Family comedy “Baby Daddy.” Melissa opens up about just how fun this new season has been to shoot, and describes a shoot involving a flash mob scene in New York City. Melissa also stays busy being mom to her nine-year-old son.

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Beauty Benefits of Honey

Queen Bee Kym Douglas reveals that honey is the hottest trend when it comes to beauty regimens. Honey can be used to treat second and third degree burns, consuming local honey can help with season allergies and can overall help with the improvement of your skin.

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DIY Seed Bombs - Home & Family

DIY Seed Bombs

Ken Wingard is in the Home & Family backyard to talk about seed bombs, which are bundles made from clay, soil and seeds. This is a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day. Guerrilla gardening is planting gardens in previously uninhabited spaces and this is the perfect way to use your seed bombs. Ken reminds parents at home that is a great way to teach children about gardening, as well.

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Costa Ronin Interview

Costa Ronin, Russian actor from the FX Network’s “The Americans” stops by to talk about his character. Costa also shares what it was like to have his grandmother visit the set of the show and how exciting it was for her to see America with her grandson.

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The Physics of Popcorn - Home & Family

The Physics of Popcorn

Dan Kohler is back in the Home & Family kitchen and this time he is talking popcorn. Popcorn became popular during The Great Depression when it was only 5-10 cents a bag to make. Popcorn is actually a breed of corn and it is unique because of the thick bran (outer shell of the kernel.) While talking popcorn, Dan makes his Balsamic-Garlic Popcorn.

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How to Green Your Family

Sophie Uliano reveals how you can green your family. Using proper biodegradable diapers can help reduce trash overload. Teach toddlers how to go green by recycling paper and plastic cups and get older kids involved with the recycling by teaching them to check the numbers on the bottom of plastic bottles. Finally, you can switch out electric chargers with solar power chargers or with hybrid chargers.

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Recycled Cardboard Trestle Table

Daniel Kucan shows you how to make your very own table using recycled cardboard. The only tools you will need are cardboard boxes, spray adhesive, scissors, a tape measure and square tool.

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Spring Allergy Season Do’s and Don’ts

Matt Iseman talks allergies with Melissa and Mark. He recommends to avoid allergies, you should increase Omega 3 fatty acids. Also allergy shots help build up tolerance. Matt suggests people who suffer from allergies to visit the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology to research pollen count is in your area.

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