A great use to extra cardboard.


  1. Cut the cardboard boxes into flat sheets, try to avoid using any corners or seams.
  2. Glue sheets together into sets of two with spray adhesive.
  3. Trace templates onto the sheets and cut them out. 


  1. There are five shapes you will need.
  2. The trestles (legs) are 19" tall x 17" wide. You will need 8 of them.
  3. The top pieces are 49" wide by 5" tall. You will need 9 of them.
  4. The stretchers are 37 x 3 1/2" tall. You will need 2 of them.
  5. The stretcher keys are 42" x 31/2" tall. You will need 2 of them.
  6. The center x-pieces are 18" x 5" and you will need 4 of them.


  1. When cutting the notches, make sure they are a little bit more than 1/2" wide so the cardboard will fit easily inside.
  2. Separate all the trestles into a single pile, with the trestle piece with only 2 base notches on the top and bottom. Now make a pile of the stretchers with the stretchers on the outside, and the two stretcher keys on the inside. Put ALL the stretchers in the middle of the trestle pieces.
  3. Separate the trestles into two columns of four and move them to the end of the stretcher pieces. Insert all the stretchers into the trestle notches. (You may want to put a top piece or two in place during this process, simply to hold stuff together.)
  4. Now add all the top pieces into the slits on the tops of the trestle bases.
  5. Last, add the center x-pieces.

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