Zachary Knighton Interview

Actor Zachary Knighton sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about his new show on Fox, “Weird Loners.” Zachary also talks about his jobs before making money as an actor, including his time as a bartender, working in a BBQ place and when he worked on theater sets. One of Zachary’s most unusual jobs was playing a clown at kids’ parties, then he demonstrates his skills by juggling for the audience.

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Traditional Greek Orthodox Easter Meal - Home & Family

Cristina Cooks

Cristina cooks a traditional Greek Orthodox Easter meal in the Home & Family kitchen. This includes a rack of lamp with a mint syrup and pairs the main course with red potatoes. Cristina explains that the Greek like their lamb rare, so if you want it more well-done, keep it in the oven longer.

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Self-Watering Wine Bottle Planters - Home & Family

Self-Watering Wine Bottle Planters

Ken Wingard shows you how to make your very own self-watering wine bottle planters. He says your first step is to choose the color that matches your decor. He also advises using caution when making the planters, because a person can cut themselves when dealing with the glass.

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DIY Life-Size Kerplunk Game

Matt Rogers is joined by a group of kids to show Home & Family just how easy and fun it is to make a Life-Size Kerplunk game. Matt says he was inspired by this game as the weather started getting warmer and he wanted kids to play more outside. The game is guaranteed to keep kids active for hours.

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Sloane Morgan Siegel and Robyn Lively Interview

With the new episodes premier of “Gortimer Gibbon’s: Life on Normal Street” about to premiere on April 2nd on Amazon, the stars of the show, Robyn Lively and Sloane Morgan Siegel pay Home & Family a visit. Sloane shares a funny story of being covered head to toe in mud during filming the very first episode of the series. Luckily it was super hot weather, so the mud felt cool on his skin. Robyn loves her character and said being a mom in real life helped prepare her for the role!

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The Mystery of Peanut Brittle - Home & Family

The Mystery of Peanut Brittle

Dan Kohler is back to talk about peanut brittle, which is caramelized sugar injected with carbon dioxide. Adding heat to the sugar makes it turn brown. The recipe for peanut brittle dates all the way back to the 1800’s! Dan explains that baking soda aerates the sugar and that’s what makes it “brittle.” The key is to let the peanut brittle cool at room temperature for an hour before serving.

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Feng Sui Your Dream Zone

Kelly Sullivan Walden is a Dream Expert who talks to Mark and Cristina about how to create an optimum environment for your sleeping. She points out that we work out our personal issues through our dreams. She suggests soothing aromatics like scented candles and white noise generators and to never leave candles on while sleeping as a way to make a better environment for your dreams. Invest in quality sheets, too. She also encourages writing in a dream journal and using the app Dream Cloud to help analyze your dreams.

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How to Make Proper British Tea - Home & Family

How to Make Proper Tea

Sophie Uliano is back and here to show you how to make proper tea. Cristina and Dr. JJ join Sophie in some afternoon tea where Sophie explains how tea should always be served in bone china. British tea is always made with loose tea leaves and never a tea bag. Loose tea creates a deeper and richer flavor.

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Celebrating Baby Language - Home & Family

Celebrating Baby Language and Speech Development

Dr. JJ talks about the importance of reading, singing and talking to newborn babies. As a baby “babbles” it is also essential for a parent to babble back so the child will get used to their parents voices and tones. Dr. JJ also wants to make sure parents encourage their young children to speak as often as possible and using repetition because it is the best way for your child to learn new vocabulary.

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