Self-Watering Wine Bottle Planters


  • Wine bottles
  • Glass cutter
  • Sand paper
  • Wicks
  • Screen mesh
  • Plants

STEP 1: Clean bottle and remove any label

STEP 2: Run through bottle cutter, scoring lightly

STEP 3: Dip in hot and then cold bath until glass separates

STEP 4: Sand rough edges

STEP 5: Cut screen into small squares

STEP 6: Insert wick through screen and knot one end to hold in place

STEP 7: Feed week through neck of bottle with screen resting on bottle shoulder

STEP 8: Fill the base bottle half with water.

STEP 9: Rest the neck upside down inside the base letting the wick reach the water

STEP 10: Plant your plant on top of the screen in the upper half of the bottle.

Self-Watering Wine Bottle Planters - Home & Family

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