Sophie Uliano breaks it down for you.

1. Has to be served in bone china:


2. The pot has to be warmed first by being filled with boiled water and then emptied.  Hot water should be SWISHED AROUND pot and then emptied to warm the pot.


3. Never use tea bags; use loose tea instead:

 (Dargeeling, Assam, Orange Pekoe, etc).

Loose leaf tea is whole leaves, which unfurl in boiled water to create a deep, rich flavor.

-- Need tea strainer


4. The water must be at a rolling boil before it's poured on leaves or tea will not brew properly:

-- The water must be freshly drawn so that it is fully oxygenated. Oxygenated water changes the taste of the tea.

-- Teas should be brewed for EXACTLY 5 minutes

Whole milk is used and must be poured into the cup first because this would prevent the cup from cracking from the heat of the tea.

Sugar lumps were used as a sweetener and always used with silver tongs.



-- NEVER put your finger through handle because it was considered bad manners, and also unbalances the cup

-- FUN FACT: 150 years ago, ladies would pour the tea into their saucer and sip it like a cat!

--Proper etiquette:  raise the cup, while leaving the saucer on the table, and then place  cup back in saucer between sips.

How to Make Proper British Tea - Home & Family

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