Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

Season 9, Episode 17 recap of Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family."
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Dollar Store Challenge

The family is decorating for Halloween with the 5th official dollar store challenge. Orly, Shirley and Maria create a custom DIYs for a low price with materials are from the dollar store.

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Samantha Harris Beneficial Banana Bread - Home & Family

Samantha Harris - Beneficial Banana Bread

Award-winning host, Health Coach and best-selling author of “Your Healthiest Healthy” Samantha Harris visits. She is making a special Beneficial Banana Bread with a healthy twist.

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Sara Evans – Born to Fly

Country star Sarah Evans is now an author and an actress. She talks about her new memoir, “Born to Fly” and shooting a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie, “Nashville Christmas Carol.”

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Ornamental Grass 101

You may not think of planting grass however, Shirley is here to show how Ornament Grass can enhance and beautify your backyard.

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Peter Rork – My Dog is my CoPilot

Peter Rork is an angel on earth and in the sky. He is literally going above and beyond to help animals with My Dog is My CoPilot. His organization helps dogs in need by transporting them from overcrowded shelters, where their time is running out, to shelters that have room and love to spare.

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Pet Adoption - Reilly - Home & Family

Pet Adoption - Reilly, Gigantor & Minty

Reilly is a four-year-old terrier mix that likes to explore and give kisses.

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Gigantor and his brother minty are itty bitty kittens. Gigantor loves to take charge while Minty is more laid back.

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Croque Madame - Home & Family

Croque Madame

Simple ingredients including ham, country bread and eggs can be transformed into a passport to Paris with this Croque Madam recipe. Pork has culinary ties to cultures across the globe and this classic French ham sandwich is just one example to bring the family together for an easy, memory-making meal.

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DIY Crepe Paper Leaf Branches

DIY Crepe Paper Leaf Branches

Fall is in full spring with Maria Provenzano’s DIY Crepe Paper Leaf Branches.

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Carissa Culiner

Co-host of “Daily Pop,” on E!, and busy mom Carissa Culiner visits. She fills us in on interviewing her idol Shania Twain and shares a video of her throwback aerobics outfit. Debbie and Cameron show off their retro workout moves and gear.

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Vintage Doorknob Coat Rack

Orly Shani combines function and fashion with a DIY antique-inspired coat rack.

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Saeng Douangdara - Khao Piek Sen Lao Hand-Cut Tapioca Chicken Noodle Soup Broth

Every culture has its own chicken noodle soup. Saeng Douangdara shows us how to make a chicken noodle soup from Laos called Khao Piek Sen Lao.

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