Jessy Schram Interview - Home & Family

Jessy Schram Interview

The actress sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about her role on Hallmark Channel’s Original Movie, “Harvest Moon.” In this film she plays opposite her namesake, Jesse Hutch, and a lot of confusion ensued because of the name mix-ups. She jokes that the movie involved a lot of physical comedy and even shows off a blooper reel of all the fun on the set.
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Kelis Cooks! - Home & Family

Chef Kelis Cooks

Singer, author and chef Kelis is in the kitchen with Cristina cooking up Jerk Ribs with Brown Sugar Rub. The singer just released her first cookbook, “My Life on a Plate” and actually trained at Le Cordon Bleu culinary school.  She loves traveling to explore foods, and shares that her young son, Knight, loves helping her in the kitchen.

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Pumpkin Beauty Products - Home & Family

DIY Pumpkin Beauty Products

Sophie talks about the benefits of pumpkin. With the help of Jessy, she makes her own pumpkin massaging oil candle. The scent is calming and Cristina calls it “lovely.” Sophie also makes Jessy a candle and a body scrub.

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The Texas Tenors

The Texas Tenors, JC Fisher, Marcus Colllins and John Hagen stop by Home & Family to talk about everything from favorite fan encounters to working on of their new children’s book about growing-up on the farm. The singers first hit it big when they were on “America’s Got Talent” in 2009. After the interview, the guys perform for the audience.

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Jason Rogel Interview

Actor Jason Rogel joins Mark and Cristina to talk about his new workplace comedy, “Kevin from Work.” Jason’s character is a gossiper and he brings a hilarious clip for everybody to enjoy. He’s proud of the work and happy with the diversity of the cast. His parents were not the biggest fans of Jason going into acting and he admits he has had several odd jobs before making a living as an actor.
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Halloween Decorative Jars - Home & Family

DIY Halloween Decorative Bottles

Tanya Memme shows you how you can make your own decorative bottles just in time for Halloween. She encourages you to get creative with decorations for your bottles, using fun accessories like toy spiders, skulls, bones and snakes!

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The Science of Apples

Dan Kohler is in the kitchen explaining the science of apples. The food scientist talk about the 7,500 varieties of apples worldwide. He encourages people to go to farmer’s markets to explore the types of apples that are available in season. Every seed in an apple will produce a distinctively different hybrid.

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Monster Warning Sign

Ken Wingard is in the backyard getting you ready for Halloween with a fun DIY Monster Sign. He gets some help from the Texas Tenors, who each have kids that will love working on their own signs at home. Ken also says you can also make as many fun designs as you want with your signs, to represent your own monster theme.

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Surgery-Free Facelift

Dr. Mashing Ni from Tao of Wellness demonstrates how one can achieve a surgery-free facelift. He has some striking before and after photos of patients who used acupuncture, instead of traditional surgery. Each acupuncture session will cost you between $75-$140. The doctor works his acupuncture magic on Cristina for the cameras. She also shows you the importance of acupressure and how that can make you look younger, as well.

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Remodeling Your Home

Paige Hemmis and Jeanette Pavini team up to discuss what to look out for when remodeling your home. First things first, make sure you have the funds for a remodel. Especially because a remodel can take almost a year! But smaller areas will take up to three months. Both women say don’t pay cash for a remodeling job and set up payment schedules and get everything in writing. Do not pay 100% until you are satisfied with the job.

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