DIY Halloween Decorative Bottles

Tanya Memme has a DIY to get you into the Halloween spirit.


  • Grey/Black/Green Chalk Board Paint
  • Gold Accent Paint
  • Sand or Dirt
  • Empty Medicine Bottles
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Raff or Straw
  • Sand Paper
  • Large Wood Beads
  • Paint Brush
  • Spiders, Skulls & other accessories (optional)


1.         First take an empty medicine bottle and sand it down.

2.         In a plastic cup mix the black paint with sand.

3.         Paint the bottle and let completely dry.

4.         Add safe liquid like water or materials inside the bottle.

5.         Using a hot glue gun add letters for example poison.

6.         Use an old paintbrush with firm bristles to add the grey paint.

7.         Trace the letters with the gold accent paint using your fingers.

8.         Add the green paint also using your fingers rubbing it into the bottle and letters.

9.         Use accessories and add them into the bottle using hot glue and paint.

10.       Use a large wood bead and glue to the top of the bottle. Add the raff or straw on the top to complete the look and your done.

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