Get in the Halloween spirit with Ken Wingard's DIY!


  • 2 8.5 x11” pieces of paper
  • Spray glue
  • Mod Podge
  • Poster board
  • Coffee or tea
  • Black foam core
  • Wire
  • Tape


- Download the PDF from the H&F Pinterest page

- Print out on 2 sheets of standard paper

- Use spray glue to attach to poster board

- Use scissors to cut notches and tears

- Cut small hole for nail near the top and curl back the edges

- Antique by brushing on coffee or tea and while wet curl sign edges.

- Let dry

- Protect sign with a layer Mod Podge – then let dry.

- Use provided template to cut pieces for nail from foam core

- Glue the two pieces that make up the nail body together

- Glue nail head on top

- Paint nail

- Once dry, use fingers to dent and ding nail

- Hot glue an extra piece of foam core (roughly 8x10) to the back of the sign for support, make sure backing is high enough to cover nail hole

- To hang, hot glue on a paper clip or wire and hang.

- Attach to tree, post or wherever you like


*Download our PDF’s from the H&F Pinterest page.

* Make several and hang on the trees leading up to your house.

*Feel free to make your own designs representing your own theme


Q. Can you send this to a printer if you don’t have a color printer? 

We’re providing it both as a 2 part pdf that you can print on regular 8x10 sheets at home and a single 11x17 image that you can have printed at your local printer.


Q. Are there other methods of antiquing? 

You can also use tea, watered down stain or diluted latex paint.

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