Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

Season 9, Episode 22 recap of Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family."
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Julie Andrews & Emma Walton Hamilton - Home & Family

Julie Andrews & Emma Walton Hamilton Interview

Dame Julie Andrews and her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton co-authored “The Very Fairy Princess” series of children’s books. They join Debbie and Cameron to talk about their new memoir, “Home Work.”

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Vanessa Mathison Pork Carnitas - Home & Family

Vanessa Mathison - Pork Carnitas

In continued celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Cameron joins his wife Vanessa in the kitchen to make Pork Carnitas. This Mexican dish was a favorite of Vanessa’s father and she has passed the recipe down to her kids.

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DIY Hair Clips

Hair clips are back and better than ever. Orly Shani shows how to give our hair a little bling with DIY hair clips.

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Sam Collier - "A Greater Story"

TV Host, podcaster, and preacher Sam Collier discovered his life’s purpose while searching for his identity. He relays what he has learned in his new book, “A Greater Story,” including how Steve Harvey helped him find his biological parents.

“A Greater Story” by Sam Collier available wherever books are sold.


Facebook: SamCollierTV
Instagram: @SamCollier
Twitter: @SamCollier

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Drying Herbs

Herbs can enhance any meal and Shirley Bovshow shows us how to grow and prepare our own indoor herbs in time for our holiday dinners.

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Pet Adoption – Athena & TJ

Athena is a two-year-old, soft, Diluted Tortie with beautiful gold eyes looking for a forever home.

Find out more about how to adopt Athena at

TJ is a two-year-old red pocket pittie with a squattie body. He is the life of the party with a beautiful smile.

Find out more about how to adopt TJ at

If you are no ready to adopt, you can still help animals in need by donation to the Hallmark Channel Adoption Ever After fund.

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Zakarian Family Tomato & Herb Focaccia - Home & Family

Zakarian Family - Tomato & Herb Focaccia

“The Kitchen” host Geoffrey Zakarian is making cooking a family affair with his daughters Madeline and Anna. Together they show us how to make a Tomato & Herb Focaccia from their new cookbook, “The Family that Cooks Together.”

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Tips to Prevent Pet Obesity - Home & Family

Dr. Courtney Campbell - National Pet Obesity Day

National Pet Obesity Day is coming up. Dr. Courtney Campbell and Larissa share tips on how to keep pets from becoming obese as it takes a large toll on their body and breathing.

Follow Dr. Courtney at @DrCourtneyDVM on Instagram.

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DIY Candy Corn Topiary

Maria Provenzano turns candy corn, a classic Fall treat, into a cute DIY topiary great for a table or anywhere around your home.

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Phil Keoghan Interview

“The Amazing Race” host Phil Keoghan is the most traveled host on television.

“The Amazing Race” also crossed a new milestone on this season as it reached over one million miles traveled. He also shares details about the new season and working with his own daughter on season 2 of “Tough as Nails.”

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Would You Believe It?

Today we are getting answers to viewer questions about Cameron in our first round of “Would You Believe it.” His gorgeous wife, and co-host in life, Vanessa is here to answer your burning questions about Cameron.