Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

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Mother's Banana Pudding - Home & Family

Mother's Banana Pudding

Home & Family is joining Dolly Parton at Dollywood all week long, where Dolly is sharing some of her favorite recipes with everybody. Today, Dolly is teaching Cristina how to make a family favorite, banana pudding! Dolly shares the story of how special it was to have this dessert as a child, because all the ingredients came from the farm and the bananas came from the neighbors. She tops the pudding with homemade meringue. The dessert is a huge hit with the family members!

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DIY Butterfly Wings - Home & Family

DIY Butterfly Wings

Dolly loves butterflies and there is evidence of that all over Dollywood. She explains that growing up on the farm, she would find them when exploring the property. Orly Shani took that information and decided to create the perfect photo prop: butterfly wings! Orly encourages you to have fun with colors, fabrics and textures. After she is done, Orly and Dolly pose for Mark in front of the wings.

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Q & A with Dolly

Dolly sits down with the Home & Family audience to take some of their questions and even shares her shoe collection for the first time.

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DIY Pottery - Home & Family

DIY Pottery

Debbie Matenopoulos and Paige Hemmis team up to explore Stone Fenland Pottery in Dollywood. The ladies work with master craftsman, Kyle Shelton to learn the art of making your own pottery. Kyle points that it is not difficult to teach pottery but it can be difficult to learn. Both ladies agree that spinning the wheel with your feet can be very exhausting and Kyle is there to help them out. Afterwards, Paige and Debbie present Dolly with a piece of pottery they made themselves: a bottomless bowl.

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Coat of Many Colors

Dolly Parton performs one of her most famous songs, “Coat of Many Colors” for the Dollywood audience. She explains that this song is one of the most sentimental for her because it was about her mama who taught her family that it is always important to have a positive attitude in life, no matter how little money you might have.

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Alyvia Alyn Lind Interview

Pint-sized actress Alyvia joins Dolly in Dollywood to talk about what it was like playing “Little Dolly” in the NBC television movie, “Coat of Many Colors.” The movie was such a success that Alyvia and Dolly are teaming up for the sequel this holiday season, “Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love,” coming to NBC. Dolly talks about what first drew her to Alyvia and she said it was her spirit. The actress says the biggest thing she learned from Dolly was to never give up on a dream. After, the two end the interview with a performance of “Angel Hill.”

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DIY Taffy - Home & Family

Taffy Making

Matt Rogers meets Dollywood master candy maker, Linda Rice to learn how to make taffy. Linda knows a thing or two about taffy, considering she has been making it for 30 years! She says that after all this time, she still gets excited to make taffy. Matt even gets to a batch of strawberry taffy and learns how much work goes into a batch. After, he presents Dolly, Cristina and Mark with gift boxes of the taffy he made.

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DIY Quilt - Home & Family

DIY Quilts

Dolly has always believed that quilts tell a story and she even has them on display inside Dollywood’s Robert F. Thomas Chapel. Paige Hemmis meets Joey Buck, the local Chaplain at the chapel and together the two are going to make their own quilt. When making the quilt, Paige decides to use photos from Home & Family to describe the history of the show.

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Kingdom Heirs Quartet Perfroms

As another day in Dollywood comes to an end, Home & Family introduce Dollywood’s gospel group, Kingdom Heirs Quartet and they perform for the audience.