Sophie's No-Bake Cookies - Home & Family

Sophie's Dairy Free Alternatives

Sophie Uliano is in the kitchen to make some no bake cocoa oatmeal lactose and dairy-free cookies for Mark and Cristina. She proves that you don't need dairy products to make a delicious and healthy cookie!

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Olivia Newton-John Stops By and Cooks!

She's the one that we want! Entertainer and philanthropist Olivia Newton-John shares some of her favorite "Grease" memories and how she was convinced to accept the iconic role of Sandy. She also shares details from the making of the "Let's Get Physical" music video. Next, she spreads awareness about the cancer and wellness center she built in her native Australia. Olivia explains how the disease has personally impacted her as a breast cancer "thriver" and stresses the importance of self exams for early detection. Later, Olivia takes over our kitchen to cook lemon chicken.

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Breath-iquette with Kym Douglas

Kym Douglas explains why you should "take a hint when someone offers you a mint." She says it's likely a polite way of saying your breath stinks! Kym tells us how to check our own breath for halitosis and how to address others'. She teaches us that by scraping the back of our mouth with a spoon and then smelling the spoon, we can detect bad breath. And, yes, there's an app for this too. Kym lists foods and beverages that can cause stinky breath and what you can do to combat the problem before it interferes with your career and love life.

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Cactus You Can Eat - Home & Family

Cactus You Can Eat

Shirley Bovshow is back to talk about the various cactus plants you can eat. She also breaks down the nutritional value that you can find in various cacti, including Nopales and Cactus Fruit.

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Brande Roderick Interview

Alkaline88 celebrity spokesperson Brande Roderick recalls how she anxiously awaited to hear her "Baywatch" casting news and the intense lifeguard training she underwent for her role. She also discusses how she sized up her competition on "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice." Then, Brande advocates for Alkaline88, water with a high pH level, and why it's healthier than acidic bottled water. She's found that after at least 21 days, she felt improvement with her arthritis, energy, heartburn, and more. Brande also lists a variety of foods that contain alkaline.

Travel Tips for the Family

More than 25 million Americans are expected to take to the skies for travel over the Thanksgiving holiday. With all those travelers it should be no surprise that you are far more likely to catch a respiratory illness immediately after flying. But all is not lost! Today Dr. JJ Levinstein shares some important tips and information to keep you and your family healthy while traveling during the holidays.

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Debbie Cooks

Debbie Matenopoulos shares three more recipes from her cookbook, "It's All Greek to Me." As a tribute to her late father, Debbie explains why she's donating proceeds from sales of the book to the ALS Association in hopes of finding a cure or effective medication. Today, she cooks kolokithopites, which translates to zucchini fritters, and a delicious bulgar wheat salad, which is called pligouri salata in her family's native tongue. Debbie also makes tasty tzatziki sauce.

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DIY Bucket Birdhouse

Tanya Memme gives us something to chirp about. Attract pretty birdies to your yard with an easy-to-make birdhouse by converting a bucket. She simply cuts a hole for the birds to fly into and mounts it on a wooden pedestal, finishing it off with a nice coat of paint.

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Ask Cristina Ferrare - Home & Family

Ask Cristina

Cristina answers Facebook questions from fans wanting to know about anything from how to keep meat from sticking on skillets to the many ways you can use wax paper when cooking.

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