Shirley shows you how you can prepare and eat succulents!

How to prepare Nopales and Cactus fruit for eating:

  1. Cut large spines off Nopales and cactus pears with paring knife or potato peeler
  2. Remove seeds from cactus pear
  3. Rinse fruit, cut pear in half, remove seeds

Nutritional value of Nopales:

  1. Low fat/high fiber
  2. High in vitamin C
  3. Rich in antioxidents

Nopales and Cactus Pear fruit can be:

  1. boiled and grilled
  2. sliced in salads
  3. breaded and fried
  4. mixed in stews
  5. made into fruit smoothies
Cactus You Can Eat - Home & Family

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