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Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

Potty Training Hacks

Ali Fedotowksy-Manno is helping make life easier at home by showing you these easy potty training hacks.

Keep it fun!

• Leave a note for your child from the “Diaper Fairies”. Thank them for giving all their diapers to “Diaperland” and let them know they are a big boy/girl. (Optional: include a fun game as a present/thank you)

• Buy or make underwear with their favorite characters or artwork. To DIY, buy plain underwear, print out characters and artwork on iron on transfer paper and iron on to underwear.

Buy more than one potty:

• Buy multiply potties for your child. Keep one in the car, stroller, and at least one in your house. Accessibility is key.

Quick accident clean up:

• Buy disposable changing pads and keep in the car. Line car seat with one pad for easy clean up when accidents occur.

• Place a puppy pee pad underneath your child’s bed sheet. If a nighttime accident happens you can easily clean it up.

Save Toilet Paper & Water:

• Create a piece of paper with a line or marking. Place this at the appropriate height below toilet paper roll. When child reaches line, tear toilet paper for the appropriate amount.

• Change the lyrics to your favorite nursery rhyme to include words that involve washing your hands. Sing the song while washing your hands. When the song ends, your hands are clean!

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