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Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

New Do’s for Spring

Beauty expert Ami Desai is giving you the lowdown on the hottest hairstyles for spring!

Braided Crown:

  1. Separate your hair into pigtails
  2. Separate your pigtails into 2 parts & use the ribbon as the 3rd part
  3. Then braid down
  4. Take one braid & wrap it up over your head & secure with bobby pins
  5. Take the over braid & wrap around the top of the head & again secure with bobby pins
  6. Pull at braids to get volume
  7. Spray with hairspray


  1. Pick up a chunk of hair at your crown & tie a hair tie around it
  2. Then you’re going to make a hole above the hair tie & flip the ponytail through
  3. Grab another elastic band & tie it 1 inch away from the previous tie
  4. Flip it out of the way & grab a section below for the 1st one
  5. Like before insert your fingers through the previous tie & pull your new chunk of hair right through.
  6. Secure tightly. Go back to the pony you just pulled through & tie with hair tie
  7. Repeat steps again
  8. For the last one tie the elastic band like the others, but this time you’re going to grab the remainder of your hair.
  9. Then go back & gently tug some of the hair out of those braids, creating a flower petal look!
  10. Grab another hair tie & tie the ponytail together
  11. Use a fun clip for a finish