Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

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Janel Parrish

Actress Janel Parrish sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her role on Freeform’s “Pretty Little Liars,” which airs Tuesdays at 8/7c. In the series, Janel plays the sneaky and conniving Mona Vanderwaal and even brings a clip of her character in action.

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Loco Moco Dog - Home & Family

Loco Moco Dog

Chef Adam Gertler of the Dog Haus restaurants is in the kitchen preparing the ultimate hot dog he calls the loco moco that comes with beef gravy. When he is done he serves the dog on a Hawaiian dinner roll, which he slices down the middle.

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DIY Open Back Blazer - Home & Family

DIY Open Back Blazer

Orly Shani takes an ordinary blazer and opens up the back, using lace, pins, scissors, glue, a needed and thread. When finished, she recommends wearing the new open back blazer with a bandeau bra or a tank top.

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Sponge Hacks - Home & Family

Sponge Hacks

Kym Douglas introduces you to the many ways you can use sponges to help make your life easier. From using a sponge as a fabric softener to helping you clean your blinds, Kym has you covered!

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Beth Littleford

The actress Beth Littleford visits Home & Family to talk about her new film, “Random Tropical Paradise,” which hits select theaters and VOD on June 9th. Beth also opens up about what it was like being “The Daily Show’s” first female correspondent and the wonderful memories she made there.

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Wire Nail Art

Owner of “The Painted Nail,” Katie Cazorla is introducing you to wire nail art, which is a technique that was invented South Korea using jewelry wire. She points out that you can find jewelry at your local craft store if you plan on doing this at home. Also, use a quick dry top coat if you don’t own a gel kit when finished.

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The Science of Cornbread

Everybody’s favorite food scientist Dan Kohler is in the kitchen breaking down cornbread. He explains that cornbread recipes in the northern states tend to be more sweet, while cornbread recipes in the south tend to be more savory. He makes his own cornbread with coarse, stone ground cornmeal, to make the bread more textured.

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Wedding Flower Trends - Home & Family

Wedding Flower Trends

Floral design expert Amy Marella is here to let you know the latest flower trends for wedding season. She points out that greenery fits into any wedding theme and style and monochromatic arrangements are simple, yet elegant.

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DY 2 in 1 Coffee Table Bench - Home & Family

DIY 2 in 1 Coffee Table Bench

Paige Hemmis is saving you hundreds of dollars by showing you the proper measurements you need for your pre-cut wood to put a coffee table bench together. She recommends using bi-fold hinges to attach the base to the top. The entire project will cost you $50, compared to $800 if you bought it in a store.

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