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Sponge Hacks

Sponge Hacks

Kym Douglas is making your life much easier by showing you how to use a sponge as a fabric softener and for cleaning blinds.
Materials for a Fabric Softening Sponge
  • Kitchen Sponges
  • Tupperware (square)
  • Fabric softener
  • Water
Materials for a Blind Cleaning Sponge
  • 2 kitchen sponges
  • Kitchen tonges
  • Craft knife
Materials for a Soap Saving Sponge
  • Bar of soap
  • Bath sponge
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife

Directions for a Fabric Softening Sponge

1) Pour a cup of fabric softener and water into tupperware

2) Place sponges into tupperware (as many as you can fit)

Directions for a Blind Cleaning Sponge

1) Cut 1 slit in the bottom of each sponge using craft knife

2) Slip both tong “heads” into sponges (1 for each side)

Directions for Soap Saving Sponge

1) Take your soap and set it in the middle of the bath sponge

2) Trace outline of soap using a marker

3) Cut out outline of soap using a craft knife

4) Fold down sides and use scissors to cut away the inside of the sponge (Make sure to not go all the way through the sponge)

5) Slip your soap into the hole

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