Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

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Adoption Ever After – Hudson - Home & Family

Adoption Ever After – Hudson
Meet Hudson, a four-month-old a Spaniel Collie mix. Hudson along with his mother and siblings were rescued from a pile of rubble in Beijing, China. He is a love bug that loves other dogs and going on walks.

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Tropical Smoothie Bowls - Home & Family

Tropical Smoothie Bowls
Toni Okamoto shows you how to blend up the perfect summer breakfast. Toni uses ½ to 1 cup of milk for the smoothie, the less milk you use, the thicker the smoothie.

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DIY Pressed Flower Coasters - Home & Family

DIY Pressed Flower Coasters
Orly Shani shows you how to make beautiful delicate coasters for your next summer shindig. She recommends using really flat flowers to prevent the acrylic coasters from getting wobbly. Orly uses foil tape which is an excellent barrier against moisture, dust and certain chemicals.

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Authors of “The Seven Longest Yards” Chris and Emily Norton
Chris and Emily Norton stop by to discuss their book “The Seven Longest Yards.” The book focuses on their journey after Chris had a catastrophic accident playing college football when he was 18-years-old and he was left with 3% chance of moving anything below his neck. Despite this he let his fate play an instrumental role in giving him hope to turn his pain into a purpose. He and Emily met after Chris had his accident and she discusses what drew her to him and the connection they made on supporting each other through their obstacles and beliefs. She also talks about facing depression, the strength of admitting when you need help and the importance of mental health. They hope that their story can inspire others to look at the positive and no matter what you’ll get through it taking it one step at a time by trusting in your beliefs and depending on others.

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DIY Popsicle Towel Rack - Home & Family

DIY Popsicle Towel Rack
Ken Wingard shows you how to make the perfect towel rack for the summer. He recommends drilling a hole in the middle of the wood then one on each end and then spacing evenly the other two hole that’ll be drilled in between.

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Summer Picnic Hacks
Kym Douglas shows you how to throw the perfect packable picnic with some summer picnic hacks. Some hacks include, using a shower curtain to waterproof your picnic blanket, using a shower cap as an ice bucket, a plastic cup to pack a salad on the go, and turning your chip bag into a bowl.

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Adoption Ever After – Brigid
Meet Brigid, a 5-year-old Boxer and Pit Bull Terrier mix. She loves to snuggle, is great with kids, would love to find a forever home where she can spend all day being a couch potato.

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Stuffed Gorgonzola Cheeseburger with Buffalo Sauce - Home & Family

Stuffed Gorgonzola Cheeseburger with Buffalo Sauce
Chef Roberta Pipito puts other burgers to shame with her stuffed cheeseburger that will wow any crowd. She suggests starting with an 80/20 or 85/15 fat ratio of the meat. She also uses Gorgonzola cheese for its perfect balance as it’s not too sharp and it melts beautifully.

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DIY Macramé Keychains
Maria Provenzano shows you how you can turn any key ring into a work of art. Maria suggest taping down the keyring for easier movement in assembling the macramé.

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Hunter McGrady
Sports Illustrated model Hunter McGrady stops by. She discusses working for Sports Illustrated and her partnership with The Knot wedding magazine. She also talks about body positivity and accepting and being comfortable in her own body.

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One Duster Three Ways
Lawrence Zarian shows you how to style a duster three different ways. A duster adds a fun flair to your jeans and tee. Lawrence also suggest staying within the same color block to avoid fighting the print and taking something simple and making it chic by adding flowy fabrics.

THE DUSTER: RACHEL BY RACHEL ROY Meadow Print Duster with Side Slats: $39.00,

FREE PEOPLE coral scoop neck tee shirt: $38.00,
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MICHAEL KORS brown leather wedge:
INC brown leather embroidered belt:

LAUREN RALPH LAUREN tomato red linen rose sleeve collared shirt: $54.00,
LAUREN RALPH LAUREN tomato read walking shorts: $30.00,
STUART WEITZMAN red and gold embellished sandal,

EILEEN FISHER tobacco linen shift dress: $238.00,
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Ask Dr. Mao - Home & Family

Ask Dr. Mao
Dr. Mao Shing Ni stops by to answer some viewer questions. Topics he covers are ways to prevent bloating caused by bacteria, by calming the bacteria population by fasting and using herbs like berberine to help heal the gut lining. Including ways to help curb inflammation from arthritis. He also answers Debbie and Cameron’s question regarding getting a better night’s sleep. He recommends by journaling before going to bed, stopping fluid intake about 3 hours before bedtime, and a conducting a simple meditation.

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