Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

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Healthy Summer Soup - Home & Family

Patrick Fabian Cooks

Actor and guest-host, Patrick Fabian is in the kitchen whipping up one of his favorite dishes, a healthy summertime soup. This soup is not only delicious and packed with vegetables, but it also combats allergies. He adds citrus and cilantro as his secret allergy-fighting weapons. Before getting started, he talks about his role on AMC’s “Better Call Saul,” which has a third season starting up next year. The actor opens up about his family and bonding with his daughters, over swimming.

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Latest in Travel Tech

Kym Douglas is dressed up as a 1950’s flight attendant and bringing you some great ideas to make your traveling easier. She features products that make sleeping easier on a plane, and a solar backpack that helps charge your accessories while traveling.

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Container Homes - Home & Family

Container Home

Designer Kelly Edwards is joined by contractor Art Steedle to talk about the popularity of container homes, and today there is even one on display at Home & Family. Kelly explains that people are turning to container homes because they are cost-efficient and have a low carbon footprint. They encourage viewers to consult with a contractor for local electricity and plumbing codes.

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DIY Personalized Computer Cases - Home & Family

DIY Personalized Computer Covers

Paige Hemmis showing you how to customize your computer cases to have them fit your style. Naturally, Paige makes one with a cat’s image, to reflect her personality. When you cut out your images and designs, make sure they are placed face down on the clear case. She encourages you to get as creative as possible with this DIY.

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Kara Royster Interview

The actress sits down with Home & Family to talk about her movie on Netflix, “Mono,” and how much fun she had filming the comedy. The actress is also staying busy by also getting ready for her second season of “Pretty Little Liars.” Kara says she knew she wanted to be an actress ever since she was six and even reveals her secret talent: Being able to solve a Rubix Cube in less than a minute!

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DIY Resin Coated Coasters - Home & Family

DIY Reslin Coasted Coasters

Ken Wingard is in the craft room and is making a DIY that was inspired by a Facebook viewer, Janiceann Corrigan who calls in from Dade County, Florida. Today Ken is showing Janiceann how she can honor her friend’s husband’s military service, by turning his patches into resin coasters. The entire DIY will cost you $30!

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Cell Phone Roundtable

The family members gather around to discuss how much they really are dependent on their cell phones. Using a new app, InTheMoment, they track just how attached they are to their phones and find out Debbie is guilty of using her phone the most.

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Kym’s Weight Loss Challenge

Kym admits she has recently gained a few pounds and wants find ways to shed that extra weight. Today she is accepting a slim down challenge which means she will cut out bread, dairy, fizzy drinks and alcohol. She also vows to do cardio six days a week.