Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

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Leeza Gibbons Interview

Leeza sits down with Mark and Debbie talking about her new book, “Fierce Optimism” and life in the limelight, including her divorce and having a mother with Alzheimer’s. She also opens up about “Leeza’s Care Connection” which helps families affected by Alzheimer’s. Leeza gets a surprise when her father, Carlos joins in from South Carolina via FaceTime to talk about how much his daughter gives back, and then shares some of his personal poetry with the audience.

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Fun in the Sun

Kym Douglas has a whole list of products that will help you enjoy the warmer weather. She introduces you to flip-flips that have a pocket in them for your ID and cash and a metal-detector remote control car. Kym has all types of fun products that will make you ready to get your feet to a beach.

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Turkish Carrot Yogurt Dip - Home & Family

Turkish Carrot Yogurt Dip

The Vegetable Butcher, Cara Mangini is in the kitchen whipping up a delicious Turkish carrot yogurt dip that are perfect for vegetables. She also opens up about how to find the perfect knife for your chopping. She recommends an eight-inch knife and a firm stable cutting board when preparing this dip. When preparing this recipe, you can swap one small zucchini for one carrot, depending on taste.

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Tommy Davidson Interview

The comedian and actor has Debbie and Mark cracking up while talking about his latest TV movie, “Sharknado: The 4th Awakens,” which premieres July 31st at 8/7c on SyFy. He even brings a clip from the movie for Home & Family to enjoy. Tommy also opens up about being abandoned in a trash can at 18 months and being adopted by a caucasian family and learning about cultural differences. He also ends his interview with a few of his famous impressions including President Obama.

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DIY Night Light - Home & Family

DIY Night Light

DIY Dream Jobbing Finalist Kristen Joy is back and this time she has a big announcement: she and her husband are expecting their first child! Today, she is making a DIY night light for her future baby’s nursery. She uses family photos as part of the DIY and it creates more of sentimental vibe for the end result.

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Treating PTSD with Service Dogs

Monty Hudson is the founder of “For Veteran’s Sake,” a organization that helps veterans who have been diagnosed with PTSD. Joining him is dog recipient Julie Hollowell. He explains that in order to qualify for a service dog, you have to be medically diagnosed with PTSD and be able to care for the service dog, as well. The dogs are each matched with their new owners based on personality and needs, additionally each dog goes through obedience training.

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DIY Personalized Mugs - Home & Family

DIY Personalized Mugs

Paige Hemmis has a creative DIY that involves personalizing your coffee mugs using oil-based paint, chalkboard chalk and stickers. The best part is that if you make a mistake while decorating your mug, you can easily clean it with rubbing alcohol. The materials will only cost you ten dollars and you can even design a few mugs at a time.

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Rules of Returns - Home & Family

The Rules for Returns

Lawerence Zarian is here to break down the rules to follow when returning items to the store. Each of the family members chime in with their own questions for Lawrence.

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All-Natural Dog Flea Solutions - Home & Family

DIY Natural Dog Flea Solutions

Sophie Uliano is working on keeping harmful chemicals away from your family and pets by showing you how to make your own dog flea solutions. Today, she is making a flea shampoo using essential oils. The shampoo also leaves the dog smelling amazing and feeling extra-soft. She recommends using the flea shampoo once a week and shows you how to make your own flea spray that you can use daily on your dog.

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