Paige Hemmis is turning your coffee mugs into a work of art with this DY.


  • White ceramic mugs – (14 – 18oz) Anything smaller will be too small to get the full effect of this design.
  • Black chalk-board paint (NOTE: This is not “chalk paint”, but “chalkboard paint”. Make sure you are getting the correct one!)
  • Artist paint brush (can be any smaller size under 1”)
  • Oil-based paint pens
  • Chalk markers
  • Scrapbook stickers

DIY Personalized Mugs - Home & Family


1) Take your sticker and stick it (lightly) on your mug. Make sure it’s lined up where you’d like it and that it’s straight.

2) Take your paint pens and start with one color. Make little dots all around the sticker. (NOTE: You may want to practice on a piece of paper first. Paint pens can be a little tricky and you want to make sure that all of your dots are the same size (so no need for extra paint which can cause dripping).

3) Continue doing this with the majority of the dots near the sticker. (Have the dots few and far between as it comes away from the sticker)

4) Continue doing this with different paint pen colors. You can go over your other dots are place the new dots in new places. If you make mistakes, you can clean it up with rubbing alcohol on a tissue or cotton bud.

5) Once you are happy with your dot design, gently and carefully remove the sticker.

6) Take your mug(s) and place them on a cookie sheet.

7) Place the cookie sheet in the oven and start your oven and set to 350 degrees (do NOT preheat oven). Leave the mugs in the oven for 30 minutes after it reaches 350 degrees. Turn off the oven but leave the mugs in the oven to cool down. You can leave them in for a few hours.

8) After they’ve cooled, turn them over and paint on the chalkboard paint on the bottom of the mug.

9) Let the first coat dry at least one hour.

10) Add second coat. If this coat is still light, you can add a third coat after another hour.

11) Let the chalkboard paint dry for 24 hours before you use chalk on it for the first time.

12) Using chalk markers (or real chalk) to make a silly design on the underside of your mug.

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