Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

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Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple Crumble - Home & Family

Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple Crumble
Hallmark star Andrew Walker and his wife Cassandra share their family’s delicious & nutritious sweet potato casserole recipe. For their recipe they use coconut milk instead of regular milk and leave the skin on the potatoes for extra fiber and potassium. While cooking, Andrew and Cassandra discuss their juicing business, Andrew’s Hallmark movies including his upcoming Christmas movie, and announce that they are expecting their second child.

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DIY Recycled Earrings
Orly Shani shows you how to make fabulous earrings with this DIY. She recommends making sure you use plastic cups that are soft and not the hard kind that break right away.

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Christmas Red for the Summer
Lawrence Zarian shows you the best ways to look summer chic while wearing red. Some of his tips include, creating a statement by pairing red with neutral colors, pairing red with florals to create a fresh summer look. Another look to try is to update a classic wrap dress with a lightweight Kimono.

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Christmas Morning French Toast Casserole - Home & Family

Christmas Morning French Toast Casserole
Author of “Comfort Food Shortcuts” David Venable shows you how to prepare a delicious French Toast Casserole that is perfect for Christmas morning or all year long. He uses day old French loaf bread for this recipe, because the bread will not get so smushy when soaked overnight.

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DIY Book Page Christmas Trees
Ken Wingard shows you how to build beautiful rustic Christmas tree decorations out of old repurposed books. Ken recommends cutting the pages into squares and gradually making them ½” smaller as you keep going to form the tree. He also recommends using hot glue to keep the pages from slipping down.

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DIY Frozen Hot Chocolate Bar - Home & Family

DIY Frozen Hot Chocolate Bar
In the continuation of celebrating Christmas in July, Maria Provenzano shows you how to make an adorable and fun for the kids frozen hot chocolate bar. For the foam sheet string of lights you can replace it with real lights.

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Best Summer Snooze
Kym Douglas discusses the best products to help you get your beauty sleep. Some products she introduces are the boyfriend pillow and the sleep headphone. Other goodies include the Nite Nite and Wake Up patches which are infused with melatonin to achieve a deeper and relaxing sleep and vitamin B12 and B1 for a natural way to wake up. Finally, she shows off a natural mist plug-in diffuser you can place your essential oils on to infuse your room with your favorite scent.

  1. Boyfriend Pillow,
  2. Nite Nite And Wake Up Patches,
  3. Sleep Headphones,
  4. Natural Mist Plug-In Diffuser,

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Holiday Turkey Meatloaf - Home & Family

Holiday Turkey Meatloaf
Chef Jeff Mahin shows you his healthy spin on a scrumptious holiday turkey meatloaf. He recommends using fresh ground turkey over frozen. He also places the pan in a water bath for even cooking.

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DIY Movie Night Marquee
Maria Provenzano shows you how to dress up your movie night with this fun DIY movie night marquee. Use wired twinkle lights which hold their shape, making it easy to filter them through the hole on the board.

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Happy Tail: Dilly - Home & Family

Happy Tail
Larissa shares another Happy Tail of adoption for Joy, Lulu, and Daisy (now named Dilly). Joy was adopted right away and Lulu will being adopted this week. Teri Walsh, who adopted Dilly, shares how the new family member has integrated herself into her new forever home.