Vanessa Marano and Katie Leclerc Stop By

Actresses Katie Leclerc and Vanessa Marano visit Home & Family and talk about their hit show on the ABC Family Channel, ‘Switched at Birth.’ Vanessa confesses she didn’t know sign language when she first got the role on the show. However, Katie did know sign language before taking on the role as a deaf girl because she suffers from Meniere’s Disease, which results in intermittent tenitis, vertigo, and hearing loss. The two actresses also talk about what it was like to film an episode with absolutely no audio, just sign language.

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Melissa d’Arabian Talks About Health and Budgets

Author of “Supermarket Healthy,” Melissa d’Arabian shares with Home & Family how to cut the cost of meals by using beans. Melissa prepares tasty eggplant meatballs for the family and they devour them! She reveals that cooking up to one pound of dry beans costs only a dollar, and that beans add great fiber and protein to your diet! Finally, Melissa also shares some fun bean recipes that kids will enjoy including flourless cookies.

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Kym Douglas Returns

Beauty Expert Kym Douglas is back with a list of trendy gadgets for the new year.
That list includes:

Chirt, a cover for your chair that keeps fur and food from staining it, starting at $34.95 that you can pick up at

Jambanz, a speaker for your wristband, starting at $29.99 available at

Dr. McBabe’s Walking Desk that allows you to work and exercise at once, starting at $79 that you can get at

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Jack Nerad and Car Tips

Executive Editor of the Kelly Blue Book Online is back to rate some of the new 2015 cars. Jack Nerad points out that small SUVs are easier to drive and have better fuel economy than full-sized SUVs. He also advises that before you buy a new car you should determine the value of your trade-in, learn the comparable sales price of the car you want, use the research tools provided by Kelly Blue Book, and to always remember you pay a penalty if you exceed the mileage contract on a lease.

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Dove Cameron Talks About Playing Twins

Actress Dove Cameron stops by Home & Family to talk about playing identical twins on the Disney Channel series, ‘Liv and Maddie,’ which airs on Sundays, 9:30/8:30c. Dove also got to meet legendary actress Patty Duke who shot to fame herself when she played identical cousins on the classic ‘Patty Duke Show.’ Dove goes on to discuss the difficult process that goes into playing twins on television. Dove even shows a clip from an upcoming all-new episode.

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Tanya Memme and Matt Rogers with DIY Fun

DIY Expert Tanya Memme and TV Personality Matt Rogers return to present ideas for clever and entertaining winter games that kids can play indoors during those times when outdoor play is not an option! These kind of projects will keep the kids entertained for hours!

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TJ Evarts Talks About His Invention

Inventor and CEO of SMARTwheel, TJ Evarts invented the world’s first device to curb distracted driving by monitoring hand positions. His incentive was to stop distracting drivers from causing crashes, including people who text and drive, since they make a crash 23 times more likely. TJ admits the idea all came to his mind when he was only 14. The now 19-year-old also talks about the honor of having President Obama give the SMARTwheel his official seal of approval.

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Daniel Kucen and His DIY Project

With a new year here, Designer Daniel Kucen shows you how to get more organized starting with your filing cabinets. Using something as simple as wallpaper, you can makeover any room or piece of furniture. Fabric is another option when it comes to making over your filing cabinet. Daniel is a self-described dork and loves wallpaper and he explains just how creative and colorful the new varieties are.

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Greg Evans Discusses Security Hacking

Hacking Security Expert Greg Evans discusses the recent Sony hacks with Home & Family. Greg continues to believe that the hacks were the work of an inside job, and stands by his claim that the FBI came to the wrong conclusions. If Greg was in charge at Sony, he admits he would fire the entire IT department.

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Sophie Uliano Talks Food Dehydration

Natural Lifestyle Expert Sophie Uliano returns to talk about the benefits of dehydrating your food. A food dehydrator can cost anywhere between $40-$80 and it is an excellent way to make healthy chips and a great way to preserve your food. Sophie makes apple chips with sprinkled cinnamon and crunchy kale chips for Mark and Cristina. Another benefit of dehydrating your own food is that it will save you money in the end, compared to buying your own dehydrated food at the store.

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