Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

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Grilled Cheese Bar with Tomato Soup - Home & Family

Grilled Cheese Bar with Tomato Soup

Chef Daniel Holzman is in the Home & Family kitchen making the perfect comfort food combination, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. He encourages you to have fun with the combination, selecting a variety of your favorite cheeses. You can also get your kids involved in assembling the sandwiches.

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DIY Family Movie Night - Home & Family

DIY Family Movie Night

Maria Provenzano is showing you how to have the perfect family movie night with a few easy DIYs that you can do at home. Today she is making a popcorn bucket, tray and coasters. This DIY projects will be perfect when you stay in to enjoy Hallmark Channel’s Original Movie, “Winter’s Dream,” which premieres January 27th at 9/8c.

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Walt Willey

Actor Walt Willey sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about his series, “Tainted Dreams.” You can currently watch both season one and two on Amazon Prime. Walt also shares his memories from the his time playing the iconic character Jack Montgomery on “All my Children” opposite Susan Lucci.

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How to Clean Jewelry - Home & Family

How to Clean Jewlery

Home & Family is giving you some insider tips on how to clean silver, gold, pearl and diamond jewelry.

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Spice-Crusted Duck with Fennel Couscous - Home & Family

Spice-Crusted Duck with Fennel Couscous

Chef Charlie Palmer is in the kitchen preparing a mouth-watering duck dish and pairing it with white turnips and fennel couscous. He also gives you some helpful tips when preparing the duck, for example, the internal temperature should reach 130 degrees before being ready to serve. Also, cut through the duck skin, but not the meat, so the fat can render, making it more flavorful.

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Sean Giambrone

Sean Giambrone stops by Home & Family to talk about his comedy series, “The Goldbergs,” which airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on ABC. In the series, Sean plays Adam Goldberg, based on the show’s creator. He even brings a clip for the audience.

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DIY Cement Side Table - Home & Family

DIY Cement Side Table

Ken Wingard is showing you how to take cement, plywood, screws, wire, table leg plates and table and legs and turning them into a edgy side table.

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Seasonal Affective Disorder

Dr. Stacey Kaiser is visiting Home & Family to talk about seasonal affective disorder. She explains the symptoms to look out for include moodiness, anxiousness, weight gain and fatigue. The cause is reduced sunlight through the eye. She advises you to consult a doctor for proper care. Treatment includes light therapy, outdoor exposure and social activities.

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DIY Snap Scarf

Orly Shani is showing you how to stay warm and in fashion with this DIY snap scarf. She recommends using snap tape because fabric glue will not hold the the snaps in place.

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Planning Ahead

Debbie is breaking down the some helpful tips to help you plan your holiday shopping for 2018. She provides you a helpful chart to follow to make your Christmas less stressful.
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