Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

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Haylie Duff Makes Sweet Potato Bites - Home & Family

Haylie Duff
Actress and creator of “The Real Girl’s Kitchen” blog, Haylie Duff, is in the kitchen with Debbie making sweet and savory small bites packed with flavor. These appetizers are perfect for pleasing party guests.

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2020 American Rescue Dog Show Winner - Home & Family

2020 American Rescue Dog Show Winner
Sugar, the winner of the 2020 American Rescue Dog Show, captured all of our hearts in the belly rub category. Sugar is joined by her pet parents Kimberly Goodman and Chris Emerson. Sugar’s story is the epidemy of best in rescue as she was in a shelter for nearly a year before being fostered and adopted by Kimberly and Chris.

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DIY Clay Kindness Pins - Home & Family

DIY Clay Kindness Pins
Make the people you care about feel good all year long with Maria Provenzano’s DIY Clay Kindness Pins inspired by Hallmark’s Think.Make.Share blog.

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Skincare for Guys
Kym Douglas shows off the perfect skin care routine for men, without the high price tag, along with her son Hunter.

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DIY Reusable Grocery Bags
Ali Manno makes our lives greener and a little easier with a bag to bring your farmer’s market finds home.

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Pet Adoption - Layla - Home & Family

Pet Adoption
Layla returns as she is still looking for a forever home. She is a mellow, 9-year-old Catahoula leopard mix. She is a sweetheart that would do well is a quiet home.

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Simon is a beautiful Siamese cat. He is easy going, 12 years young and likes to cuddle.

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Yasmin Fahr – One Pot Dinner
Author of “Keeping it Simple,” Yasmin Fahr joins Cameron in the kitchen to make a one pot pasta dinner that will be ready in minutes. Yasmin’s dish will get dinner on the table quickly without a whole sink full of dishes.

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DIY Geode Curtain Tiebacks
You don’t have to be into rock formations to appreciate the natural beauty of Geodes. Orly Shani is making your curtains rock and leaves no stone unturned to create DIY Geode Curtain Tiebacks.

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Matthew Emerzian – You Matter
Founder of Every Monday Matters and author of the book “You Matter,” Matthew Emerzian visits and shares advice. He learned how much he matters after realizing that loving others helped him to love himself.

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Beige: All the Rage
The color beige for many feels basic but it is not. Lawrence shows how we can all wear this color with any skin type. It is a calm, relaxing and on trend neutral. Under the umbrella of beige are other hues including oatmeal, camel and more.



  • Zara Ribbed High Turtleneck Sweater
  • Zara Faux Suede Topcoat
  • Zara Paperbag Pant

Looks provided by: H&M



  • French Toast Safari Shirt Dress

Looks provided by:



  • Solitaire By Ravi Khosla Embroidered Tuxedo Blouse
  • Rewash Smocked Waist Soft Pants

Looks provided by:

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How to Grow Cacao Trees
Whether you are drinking it, baking with it or eating it, chocolate is so good and satisfying. Shirley Bovshow shows us how we can grow our own chocolate at home with a cacao tree. It is a tropical tree that requires you bring a tropic like environment to your home with soil and air humidity.

Cacao Tree Care:

Use acidic soil and fertilize 3x a year (spring, summer, and fall):

  • Use a fertilizer suitable for acid-loving plants and supplement with a nitrogen rich fertilizer like “Bat Guano.” The trees need this to grow lush green leaves which act like solar panels, moving up, down, sideways, and any direction it needs to gather or AVOID the sunlight!

  • Add 2 tbsps of Mycorrhiza, an organic root enhancer filled with beneficial bacteria. It is like probiotics for the soil, making nutrients more readily available for your tree. Crush or chop healthy fallen cacao leaves and put on top of soil together with some store-bought cocoa mulch to act as mulch and keep the soil moist.

USE A HUMIDIFIER! Cacao trees need at least 50% air humidity and must be watered deeply at least 1 x per week!

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