Jonathan Kite

Jonathan Kite Interview

Actor and comedian Jonathan Kite stops by to talk about his hit show “2 Broke Girls” and even gives Mark and guest host, Debbie Matenopoulos a little sneak peek on what to expect with his character. Jonathan also opens up about his love for cooking, a skill he picked up in college.

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Grilled Mascarpone and Asian Pear Sandwich

Grilled Mascarpone and Asian Pear Sandwich Recipe

Chef Wayne Willis from LA’s Rockwell Table & Stage Restaurant joins the Home & Family kitchen to whip up a Grilled Mascarpone and Asian Pear sandwich. When all complete, the sandwich should be cut diagonally and will make eight triage sandwich bites.

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Do It Yourself Mosaic Coasters

DIY Soda Can Mosaic Coasters

Paige Hemmis shows you how you can recycle your cans and get crafty at the same time. For $40 you can make your own do it yourself soda can mosaic coasters.

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Jason Hervey Interview

Jason Hervey visits Home & Family and shares with Mark and Debbie about his transition from actor to producer. Jason also opens up about what it was like growing-up on the set of the show “The Wonder Years.” Jason managed to avoid the pitfalls of being a child star and now is the father of 14-year-old twins! Jason’s latest project is “Outlaw Country” which premieres February 24th on WGN America, 10/9c.

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Leonard Matlin Talks Oscars

With the Oscars quickly approaching, film critic/historian Leonard Matlin weighs in on his predictions. When it comes to the Best Actor category Leonard thinks Julianne Moore will walk away with the Oscar for “Still Alice” and Michael Keaton will be winning for his role in “Birdman.”

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Pancakes with Banana, Turkish Apricots, Pepitas and Nutella

Pancakes with Banana, Turkish Apricots, Pepitas and Nutella

Debbie and Mark make pancakes with a delicious twist. After the pancakes are done, the special treat is spreading Nutella on each one and then top them with banana, apricot, and pepitas.

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Meghan Cleary and Shoes

Shoe Expert and Author Meghan Cleary talks about the latest fashions in shoes. She says that a woman’s shoes can reveal so much about her current state of mind. Meghan also says to expect sky-high platforms, classic black pumps and shoes dyed to match gowns on this year’s Oscars red carpet.

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Drying and Preserving Flowers with Silica Gel

Preserving Flowers

Gardening Expert Shirley Bovshow talks about drying and preserving flowers with silica gel. Shirley explains that a silica gel is a porous sand with specially added crystal beads that absorb water and remove moisture from flowers and a container of it will cost you around seven dollars! You need 1.5 pounds of silica gel to dry three flowers and silica gel is a one-time investment because it can be reused by re-drying it in the oven.

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Sophie Uliano’s DIY Scrubbies

DIY Kitchen and Bathroom Scrubbies

Sophie Uliano shows you easy it is to make your very own Scrubbies by knitting cotton yarn and tulle. In the end, the whole project will cost you between one to two dollars per Scrubbie. Such a deal!

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