Genie Francis and Husband, Jonathan Frakes Visit

Actress Genie Francis and her husband, actor Jonathan Frakes visit Mark and Cristina. Genie opens up about her career as the iconic Laura Spencer on the soap opera, ‘General Hospital’ and Jonathan talks about his role as Commander Riker in ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation.’  Genie also discussed her love of antiques, and gives Cristina a gift of vintage Christmas items.

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Chef Paula Shoyer Whips Up Some Donut Holes

Chef and author of “The Holiday Kosher Baker” Paula Shoyer joins Cristina in the kitchen and fries up some delicious vanilla donut holes. She reminds viewers that when it comes to making the donut holes they should use canola, safflower, or peanut oil. Paula also suggests a variety of delicious dipping sauces that will pair perfectly with the donut holes including jam, Nutella, and chocolate sauce.

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Designer Daniel Kucan Makes DIY Holiday Decorations

Designer Daniel Kucan shows you just how easy it is to make DIY crystalized holiday decorations that are fun to make with the kids and affordable too!

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Sophie Uliano and Matt Iseman Have Natural Remedies for the Common Cold

Natural lifestyle expert Sophie Uliano and Matt Iseman, MD talk about the common cold and a variety of remedies to help you fight it. The common cold is most contagious in the first three days and one of the best ways to fight it is to eat chicken soup made with real chicken broth.

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Olympian Rafer Johnson and Special Olympics Ambassador Dustin Plunkett Visit

Gold medal Olympian Rafer Johnson and Special Olympics Ambassador Dustin Plunkett talk about the Special Olympics. Rafer discusses his involvement with the Special Olympics, including being one of the founding members when it started in 1968. Meanwhile Dustin credits the Special Olympics to saving his life after discovering he had gum cancer during one of the physical screenings for the event.

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Secuirty Expert Gregory Evans Wants You to Avoid Cyber Hacking

Security Expert Gregory Evans reveals some helpful tips on how to protect yourself from computer hacking this holiday season. He advises that pre-paid cards are the safest bet to go when it comes to Christmas shopping. Also, be on the look-out for emails asking for a lot of personal information.

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Bryan Lyles and Matt Rogers Build a Lego Neighborhood

Author of “The Lego Neighborhood” Bryan Lyles talks about creating a Lego neighborhood by using easy step-by-step instructions. Building Lego creations is a great activity for the whole family to enjoy!

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Mark Gives some Holiday Portrait Pointers

Mark gives us some useful pointers on how to get that perfect holiday portrait. Among the helpful tips, Mark advises to have your camera set in aperture which allows you to set the depth of the field and to remember that the aperture is set by the camera lens. A higher aperture ensures group shots are in focus. When shooting landscape, everything must be in focus.

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Dr. JJ Explains What Holiday Plants Are Potentially Harmful to Your Pets
Dr. JJ talks about how to handle toxic plants during the holiday season. Especially when it comes to hanging plants around the house. Always be cautious of your pets and what they are able to reach. Holly berries can be potentially harmful to pets, so can tree water, which contains mold and harbors bacteria.

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