Daniel Kucan's DIY Crystalize Holiday Decorations


  • Some glass jars, preferably big ones like Mason jar or a pickle jar
  • A box or two of borax
  • Some pots to boil water
  • Some cool stuff that you want to crystallize


  1. First, boil a few pots of water and then pour that water into the jars
  2. Add lots and lots and lots of borax- the water should be super cloudy.
  3. Stir it up until the borax dissolves as completely as possible.
  4. Now you have a supersaturated solution of water and borax.
  5. Find some fun things that you want to look like they are frozen into crystals.
  6. I usually like to use organic pieces like pinecones or twigs or berries.
  7. You want them to suspend in the jar without touching the bottom if possible.
  8. Leave them there overnight. In the morning, carefully remove the bits from the solution and they will have crystals formed on them in mesmerizing patterns and shapes.

Now that you have these crystallized pieces, you can use them wherever your imagination leads you. They can be table settings, or ornaments, or window and door decorations.

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