John Rhys-Davies Interview

The star of “Return to the Hiding Place,” John Rhys-Davies visits Home & Family to talk about his career and the true story behind the movie. This powerful film takes places during the Holocaust and is about moral choice, when Jews were hiding from the Nazis during World War II. John also starred alongside Harrison Ford in “Indiana Jones” and describes his experiences with improvisation during filming.

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Linguini con Vongole - Home & Family

Linguini con Vongole

Chef Edoardo Baldi is in the Home & Family kitchen and talks about his childhood growing up in Tuscany. Today, he is the Executive Chef of the Beverly Hills restaurant, “E. Baldi.” Edoardo has cooked for President Clinton, Tom Hanks and Mark Wahlberg! Today, the chef is preparing one of his favorite seafood dishes, Linguini Con Vongole.

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Do It Yourself Gift Ideas for Teachers - Home & Family

DIY Gifts for School Teachers

Tanya Memme is here to give you some great DIY projects that your kids can make for their teachers when they go back to school. Each gift is under ten dollars. This includes an an Apple pot, pencil flowers and a pencil vase!

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Back-to-Work Hairstyles

“LA Hair” hairstylist Kim Kimble is here to show you some of the latest hairstyles that are perfect for going back to work. She introduces Home & Family to some fashionable buns, ponytails and top knots that are also easy to do!
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Tim Bagley Interview

Actor Tim Bagley sits down with Mark and Cristina to share some hilarious stories about his road to stardom. He held a variety of jobs before becoming a working actor, including being a butler at the Playboy Mansion and a page a Paramount Pictures. Today, Tim can be seen in the new comedy series, “Mr. Robinson.”
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Do It Yourself Pool Caddy - Home & Family

DIY PVC Pipe Pool Caddy

Daniel Kucan is back to show you how easy it is so make your very own caddy for your pool. He also adds an outdoor shower to the caddy, to add more functionality. The entire project will cost you as little as $50 and has several helpful features that will make your pool time a lot less messy!

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Mommy Guilt

Fox News Anchor Kristin Anderson opens up about mommy guilt, something a third of all mothers experience when they go back to work. Kristin had her own mommy guilt from returning to work after three months of maternity leave. The women of Home & Family all chime in with their own stories. Kristin emphasizes that when you do experience mommy guilt, turn to friends and social media for support.

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Summer Fruit Tree Pruning - Home & Family

Summer Fruit Tree Pruning

Shirley Bovshow shows you some easy ways to prune your fruit tree for the summertime. Pruning reduces tree vigor and size, so don’t be afraid to do it!

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Swimmers Ear - Home & Family

Swimmers Ear

Dr. JJ talks about Swimmer’s Ear, which is also known as acute otitis externa. Common symptoms include itching inside the ear, pain, drainage and decreased hearing. Dr. JJ says you should seek proper treatment and the infection should clear within 7-10 days.

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