Daniel Kucan shows off a unique use for PVC pipe!

Materials for Rack:

  • 6, 10 foot long PVC pipes (I recommend 1 ¼ inch thick, but you can also use 1” thick)
  • 20, PVC Pipe “T” fittings
  • 6, 90° PVC pipe “elbow” fittings
  • 4, 45° PVC pipe “elbow” fittings
  • 4 ½ inch PVC pipes
  • 14 T fittings

Materials for Shower:

  • 1 stick of 1/2" pvc
  • 2 ninety degree elbows
  • Some plumbers tape
  • Sandpaper
  • PVC glue
  • Female hose to 1/2" adapter
  • Inline flow valve
  • 1/2" slip to thread adapter
  • shower head and arm
  • 4 or 5 twelve inch zip ties

Cut list:

  1. 2 four footers (these are the "skis" the bit that touches the ground)
  2. 2 one footers (these are the "sled" part, the bit that goes up at an angle from the ski)
  3. 2 four inchers (to continue the sled part up)
  4. 7 three footers (these are the crosspieces, you need 8 of these if you add noodle storage)
  5. The uprights in the back are dividing into three sections each. A one footer at the bottom and a one footer at the top, the middle bit is 32 inches, so you will need: 4 one footers and 2 thirty two inchers
  6. The diagonals are made of 1-27 inch piece, and 4 nine and a half inch pieces. So you'll need: 2 twenty seven inchers and 8 nine and a half inchers
  7. All that's left is the little bit at the top that goes from the upright to the diagonal. That piece is 6 inches. So you need: 2 six inchers
  8. Directions for rack: Assemble as shown in the photo!

Directions for shower:

  1. Sand all your joints first, glue them well and hold each joint for 30 seconds or so.
  2. Aim it in whatever direction you want and zip-tie to the caddy for extra support.
  3. Make sure you wrap each threaded joint with plumbers tape at least 5 times or it will leak!
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