“Walt Before Mickey” Interview
Actors Thomas Ian Nicholas and Jon Heder join Mark and Cristina to talk about their new movie, “Walt Before Mickey.” In the movie, Thomas plays “Walt Disney” and Jon plays Walt’s brother “Roy E. Disney.” The film was based on the book, which has been the only biography the Disney family approved. The actors discuss the rise of Walt Disney and the series of events that led to the starting of the animation studios in Hollywood. The interview ends with some Walt Disney trivia. 
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Melted Bruchetta - Home & Family

Taste of Home
Cristina is back in the kitchen with a recipe out of Taste of Home Magazine - Bruchetta Melts. The recipe is originally from Coleen Katz from Havertown, Pennsylvania who calls in with Home & Family and tells Cristina she first made this dish for her daughter’s baby shower.

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Do It Yourself Princess Wands - Home & Family

DIY Princess Wands
Tanya Memme is at the craft table and showing you how to make princess wands. Tanya points out this a great DIY because the total cost is $5 compared to buying one in the store, which can cost you up to $20! Jon Heder joins in on the fun when helping Tanya out.

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Kim Douglas Beauty Tips - Home & Family

Kym’s Fix
Kym Douglas Skypes with Home & Family viewer Janet Wohleber, who has some questions about beauty solutions for the face. She wants to look her best for her husband who travels a lot out of the country for work. Kym recommends Dr. Goldfaden’s products, including his exfoliator and daily moisturizer. “Life Therapy” also makes some great scents for aromatherapy and facial sheet masks.

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“Cake Wars” Interview
The host of Food Network’s “Cake Wars” Jonathan Bennett sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about the new season of the competitive baking show. Jonathan also talks about his time on “Dancing with the Stars,” a show he joined to honor his late father who was such a huge fan of the series. He credits the show for bringing so much fun back into his life.
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Strawburry17 Interview - Home & Family

Meghan Camarena Interview
YouTube sensation Meghan Camarena talks about how she first got started with creating online videos. In the beginning, she started uploading videos of her skateboarding tricks and recording her thoughts to the camera. She now does video game reviews, DIYs and reveals her favorite apps! Her channel name is Strawburry17 and she now has a regular segment on called “Something New.”

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Gray Silver Trends
Debbie Matenopoulos talks about the latest hair trend, gray silver hair. Hair Stylist Briana Cisneros of Shannon Salon talks about all the work that goes into achieving the silver gray look, saying it can take up to ten hours to achieve!

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Making Your Hands Look Younger
Dr. Michael Zarrabi visits Home & Family to talk about how to make your hands look younger. The board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon discusses a “hand-lift” as an option. He also recommends daily moisturizer on hands and always using SPF 45 or greater when caring for your hands in the sun.

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International Assistance Dog Week - Home & Family

International Assistance Dog Week
Laura Nativo talks about how it is International Assistance Dog Week and various tasks assistance dogs do nowadays. This includes working with the disabled, autistic children and even working with people who have low blood pressure. Laura is joined by Amber Boggs, who has been blind since birth and she discusses the importance her own assistance dog and how she is a certified trainer, herself.

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