Maria Shriver Interview - Home & Family

Maria Shriver Interview

Journalist/Activist/Producer/Author Maria Shriver sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about Alzheimer’s, a disease that took her father. Maria observed her own family with how they dealt with her father’s diagnosis. As his disease worsened, Maria learned how to still engage with her father and observed how her family did, as well. Maria believes if you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s, get into a support group and get informed. Maria recommends exercise to keep your brain active and encourages people to educate themselves about this terrible disease. Maria’s number one message for those affected by Alzheimer’s is, there is hope. Maria is also working with Best Buddies, Special Olympics, and working to empower women globally.

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Brain Healthy Asparagus Soup - Home & Family

Maria and Cristina Cook!

Maria Shriver joins Cristina in the kitchen to cook Brain Healthy Asparagus Soup. The soup is not only healthy and part of the Ten Best Foods to Eat for Your Brain, the soup can also be served hot or chilled! Maria emphasizes that you can keep your brain heathy the same way you can keep your body healthy.

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Paige & Jason's Wedding - Do It Yourself Burlap Aisle Wedding Runner

DIY Burlap Aisle Wedding Runner

With Paige Hemmis getting married in June, Tanya Memme is making a DIY burlap aisle wedding runner for the big televised event! You can purchase burlap at any fabric store. A typical runner can cost you $300, making your own will save you a lot of money!

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“The Longest Ride” Interview

Actors Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson talk about their romantic movie “The Longest Ride” which opens April 10th. Scott was raised with horses with both his father, Clint and his sister so he felt right at home playing the role of a cowboy in the new flick.

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Best Kept Beauty Secrets From Your Kitchen

Kym Douglas is back to talk about the best kept beauty secrets from your kitchen. She suggests putting fingers in grapes as a way to break down cuticles before getting a manicure, she also makes a wine mask with egg yolk that helps tighten fine lines.

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Staging Your Home - Home & Family

Staging Your Home Like a Celebrity

Home Stager Meridith Baer talks about the importance of staging your home to help with getting the best price in the real estate market. She encourages people to put up rugs, wall hangings and add color to make their homes look more inviting. Staged homes usually go 20% over asking price. The whole goal of home staging is to make a great first impression of your house. Meridith says the best investment one can make when staging their home is to paint. This is a great way to show that the house is loved. Meridith even has huge warehouses across the nation filled with staging items.

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DIY Antique Mirror - Home & Family

DIY Antique Mirror

Daniel Kucan is back and this time he is going to show you how to make your very own antique mirror. You can buy most of the supplies needed at your local hardware store. Daniel personalizes the mirrors with photos and still keeps that antique look. All together, the mirror will cost you $50.

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Planning a Great Family Vacation

Debbie gives you pointers on what to look for when planning your next family vacation. She says you should always consider the hobbies of the kids before planning the trip to make sure everybody has fun! Once the destination is set, let the kids help decide specific activities to do. More planning, less stress is the key!

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