A beautiful addition to Paige's wedding.


  • 100ft roll of burlap
  • 200 or more ribbon or lace
  • 2 to 3 small stencils & stencil brushes
  • Stencil adhesive
  • You Fabric Tac
  • Paint (white, brown or grey)
  • Paint Roller or sponge


1) Roll out the burlap section by section.

2) Place small stencils along the middle of the burlap, or, where you want the design to be located.

3) A store bought stencil makes it easier.

4) With a roller brush and paint, roll the paint over the stencil to create the pattern in the middle all the way down the runner (step and repeat)

5) Let dry

6) Take the lace and glue it all the way down either side of the burlap as trim.

7) Take the wide 3" satin ribbon and create a ruffle trim all the way along both sides of the burlap.

8) Roll out the burlap

Paige & Jason's Wedding - Do It Yourself Burlap Aisle Wedding Runner

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