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The Deadliest Catch Interview

Captains Keith Colburn and Johnathan Hillstrand stop by to talk about the season 11 premiere of “Deadliest Catch” airing tonight on the Discovery Channel. The guys bring a clip from the premiere, showing just how scary it can be when a storm hits their boat while out at sea. After the interview, the guys hit the kitchen and cook up Crab and Shrimp Scampi from their fresh catches!

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Travel Adventure Playset for Boys

Travel Adventure Playset for Boys

Ken Wingard shows you how to make a travel adventure playset for boys that is educational and easily organized. You can customize the play set any way you want with the help of personal photos and clippings. 

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Purse-Sized Fashion Fixes

Kym Douglas shows you how easy it can be to make some fashion fixes with solutions that all fit in your purse! You can use foam from the dry cleaning hanger to remove deodorant. A twist tie can help attach a button back onto your shirt if it has fallen off. Another solution is using toothpaste to remove scuff from leather shoes.

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Gina Tognoni Interview

“The Young and the Restless” Emmy-award winning actress Gina Tognoni talks about what it is like to be nominated for her third Daytime Emmy. Gina also runs her very own shoe company, Sole9. She credits her father for helping her launch the business. Gina has teamed up with National Coalition Against Domestic Violence to bring awareness to the issue, and a portion of the proceeds from Sole9 go to the NCADV on a daily basis.

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DIY Airplane Prop

DIY Airplane Prop

Tanya Memme is back and she shows you how to make a fun prop for your next photo shoot. She makes an airplane prop for a photo shoot that features her daughter and two cats. Tanya has a little fun by showing Mark and Cristina that she snuck in her own photo shoot while taking the pictures. 

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Couple’s Financial Compatibility 101

Couple’s Financial Compatibility 101

Certified Financial Planner Jeff Motske breaks down the basics for couples and money. Fighting over money is the leading indicator of future divorce. Jeff suggests couples have an open communication about finances and to learn each other’s saving and spending habits. One should never be in the dark about household finances. Jeff recommends a monthly “Financial Date Night” for couples to go out, get a nice dinner and then have a frank conversation about money.

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Emi Grace Neiderman Performs

Emi Grace Neiderman takes to the House & Family stage to perform. But before she sings, she talks about the inspiration for her song “Survivor,” a song that she wrote for her grandmother, who survived cancer. She is joined in her interview by her inspiration, her grandmother.

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Pets and Allergies - Home & Family

Pets and Their Allergies

Laura Nativo shares information about how to manage pets’ allergies. Outdoor allergens include ragweed, grasses and pollens and indoor allergens include dust mites, mold and cleaning chemicals, all items that pets will come into contact with. Symptoms include watery eyes and red paws. When dealing with pets who have allergies, it is important to give them foot soaks and to clean up their environment with non-toxic cleaning products, as well as refraining from smoking around them.

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