Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

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Mayte Garcia

The author of “The Most Beautiful,” Mayte Garcia visits home & Family to talk about her new memoir and her relationship with the late singer, Prince. Mayte and Prince were married in 1996, the same year they lost their infant son to a rare genetic disease, Pfeiffer’s Syndrome. She also shares that she believes Prince has visited her in her dreams.

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Sweet Pizza - Home & Family

Sweet Pizza

Foodstirs creator, Sarah Michelle Gellar is in the kitchen preparing sweet pizza, which she says will make for a delicious Mother’s Day treat. She gives you an extra tip and that is if you don’t have the time to make the sugar crust, you can use a pre-made brownie mix.

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DIY Ultimate Potting Bench - Home & Family

DIY Ultimate Potting Bench

Ken Wingard is showing you how to save hundreds of dollars by making your own potting bench using two doors, one table and shelves.

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Hand Rejuvenation

Kym Douglas teams up with dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban to talk about hand rejuvenation. The doctor discusses laser removal for brown spots and Restylane injections to add volume. Kym introduces you to some hand creams that help reduce the aging in hands.

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Noah Guthrie

Singer/songwriter/actor Noah Guthrie visits Home & Family to talk about his musical career that skyrocketed when he covered LMFAO’s “Sexy and I know It,” which has been viewed online 25 million times. He has also recently covered Prince’s “I Would Die For You.”

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Halibut with Buerre Sauce- Home & Family

Halibut with Piccata Sauce

Owner of Los Angeles’ Craig’s Restaurant, Craig Susser and chef Kirsten Kizer are in the kitchen whipping up a delicious seafood dish, halibut with piccata sauce. Before grilling the fish, make sure the pan is fully dry and the fish is patted dry. When the edges of the fish turn white, it is time to flip it.

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Rebekah Gregory

Motivational speaker Rebekah Gregory sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her new book, “Taking My Life Back,” about surviving the Boston Marathon attack. She opens up about the terror of that day, when a bomb exploded and shredded Rebekah’s legs. She also discusses her miracle baby that she had after doctors told her she could never have another child.

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Toddler's Birthday on a Budget - Home & Family

Toddler Birthday on a Budget

Kristin Smith is giving some helpful tips on how to throw a toddler’s birthday party on a budget. This includes selecting a theme and choosing simple items that will make a visual impact. Kristin’s ideas will cost you less than $50.

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Toddler's Birthday on a Budget - Home & Family

Pine Cone Flowers

Paige Hemmis is showing you how to take ordinary pine cones and turn them into a centerpiece of flowers.

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