Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

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Roasting Pork Shoulder Three Different Ways - Home & Family

Roast Pork Shoulders in Three Ways

Author of “At Home with Natalie,” Natalie Morales is in the kitchen showing you how to roast a delicious pork shoulder in three different ways. She recommends marinating the pork overnight for maximized flavor. When it comes to roasting, make sure you cook it until its crispy brown and the internal temperature reads 175 degrees.

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Lindsay Price

Actress Lindsay Price sits down with Mark and guest host Cameron Cameron Bure to talk about her ABC comedy, “Splitting Up Together,” which you can watch Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30c. The actress also talks about her own family, husband, chef Curtis Stone and her two children.

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DIY Jewelry Display - Home & Family

DIY Jewelry Display

Orly Shani is making her own jewelry display using bamboo dividers, spray paint, C-hooks and velvet material. If you don’t have access to bamboo, you can always use jewelry trays.

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Hair Brush 101

Kym Douglas breaks down the variety of hair brushes available and which ones you should be checking out for your hair type.

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Mussels with Marinated Perilla Vinaigrette - Home & Family

Mussels with Marinated Perilla Vinaigrette

Chef Stephanie Izard of “Girl & The Goat” restaurant is in the kitchen making a delicious dish of mussels with marinated perilla vinaigrette. Before getting started, she emphasizes the importance of buying mussels that haven’t been cleaned, yet or have only been cleaned that day. It is also best to cook the mussels the very day you purchase them to ensure they are fresh. If a mussel does not open while cooking, toss it immediately.

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DIY Marshmallow Barnyard - Home & Family

DIY Marshmallow Boneyard

Maria Provenzano is making a fun, kid-friendly sweet treat out of marshmallows, candy melt, coconut flakes, Oreos and sprinkles. You can find the decorative mini-picket fence at your local craft store.

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Leash Behaviors

Larissa Wohl is joined by animal behaviorist Kyle Kittleson to give you basics on how to leash train your dogs.

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DIY Felt Christmas Trees - Home & Family

DIY Felt Christmas Trees

Ken Wingard is getting into the holiday spirit by making felt Christmas trees. Felt is the perfect material to work with because you can iron on low to make the trees smooth and flat.

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Stoked Method Workout

Celebrity fitness trainer Kira Stokes is showing you her Stoked Method Workout, which uses mini-bands that help increase strength, power and endurance training. She expresses that form is the key in this exercise. She also reminds you to breath when doing this workout.

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