Tracy & Dana Pollen
From the hit 80s sitcom "Family Ties," actress Tracy Pollan and sister Dana Pollan chat about their new cookbook, "The Pollan Family Table." Inspired by their own family traditions, "The Pollan Family Table" is a collection of recipes meant to bring families closer through great family dinners. And as a demonstration, the "Home & Family" family gathers in the kitchen as Tracy and Dana share their recipe for maple-balsamic root vegetable "fries."

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Ken Wingard's DIY Family Portrait Gallery
Lifestyle expert Ken Wingard shows how to create your own DIY family portrait gallery. While a professional family portrait gallery would cost and arm and a leg, Ken shows how you can create your own for a fraction of the cost. Plus, Mark shares some simple tips so you can capture professional quality photos at home.

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Getting your Child into Show Business
Margery Simkin and Cindy Osbrink answer your questions on getting your child into show business. Margery and Cindy emphasize the importance of making sure your child is genuinely interested in a career in show business. They then discuss getting an agent, taking headshots, and how to prepare for casting session. And most importantly, Margery and Cindy share important advice on how to avoid common show business pitfalls.

Edible Holiday Table Arrangements With Actress Anne-Marie Johnson
Actress Anne-Marie Johnson shows how to make beautiful edible holiday table arrangements. Anne-Marie suggests a selection of fresh herbs to both accent your table and your meal. Plus, for anyone who may have dietary restrictions, Anne-Marie's table arrangements serve as healthy condiment option.

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Paige Hemmis Previews "The Theory of Everything"
Paige Hemmis gives a sneak peek at the new film, "The Theory of Everything." Based on the extraordinary life of Dr. Stephen Hawking, the film stars veteran actors Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones. In this segment Paige shares clips from her interviews with the stars of the movie and shares a special preview of the film.

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Bouncing Back from Chronic Injury
Mark, Matt Rogers and Dr. Matt Iseman share important information on recovering from chronic injury. The 3 former athletes discuss the best tips to make sure that injuries from your youth don't become problems chronic problems throughout your entire life. And not just for high-level athletes, these tips and information are important for anyone who may be recovering from a serious injury.

Dr. Matt Iseman's Tips to Recovering from Injury

  1. Evaluation: get it checked out by your doc, most likely as orthopedist. Get them to determine that A) You’re okay to start working out and B) To get a baseline to track your improvement.
  2. Rehab: start out slowly with exercises targeted at building up the affected area: Low weights and some resistance training. We often get overly aggressive when getting back in the gym and, with a problem joint, you can end up sending yourself back to square one or even worse. Keep the big picture in mind.
  3. Maintenance: when you get the joint up to speed, figure out a plan to keep it healthy with a plan that won’t overload the joint and also helps build up the supporting muscles. For instance, with back problems, you need to have core work to build up the muscles that take the load off the back.

Hollywood Steals
It's Thursday and that means Sandie Newton has a brand new collection of "Hollywood Steals!" Christmas is just around the corner and Sandie's got some great gift ideas to make your holiday shopping a breeze!

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