Edible Holiday Table Arrangements With Actress Anne-Marie Johnson

Gardening is one of my favorite activities. Since we are going into the holiday season, I wanted to bring my love of fresh herbs to an elegant, fun holiday table arrangement that our guests can enjoy. During the holiday meal, encourage guests to enhance the savory flavors of soups, salads, sauces, meats/fish/fowl by adding fresh herbs from this table arrangement. For desserts and teas, a fresh sprig of spearmint or peppermint could be added. Some examples of herbs to use:

  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Tarragon
  • Basil
  • Oregano
  • Mint

Create a living, edible table arrangement to use on the spot in your holiday meals.

What Do We Need To Create This?

  1. A collection of potted herbs.
  2. A large decorative container about 4-inches in depth. (that won’t leak or sweat).
  3. Rich potting soil.
  4. Tooth picks or stir sticks.
  5. Self adhesive labels.

Create name tags that match your design style and attach to toothpicks or stir sticks. Insert into dirt.

How Do We Start?

  1. Fill the planter with rich soil.
  2. Transfer the herbs from their linch pots into the soil (OR keep them in their post and add moss or cover with soil. You may want to transplant them in your garden later).
  3. Gently clean the leaves with a vegetable cleanser in a spray bottle.
  4. Hand print labels or print from your computer.
  5. Attach to toothpicks and insert into soil.

TIP: clean herb leaves with a vegetable cleanser using a spray bottle.

What Would You Use These Different Herbs For?
Choose herbs that complement your style of food: rosemary, thyme and sage are great with turkey and chicken. Use basil and oregano for sauces and soups. Mint is great for dessert and teas. Choose what fits your taste.

Can All The Herbs Co-Exist Comfortably Or Should Dessert Herbs Be Planted Alone?
All together. You can keep them in separate pots or space them out.

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