Andrea Martin

Actress and author Andrea Martin is reprising Tony winning performance in "Pippin" at the Pantages theatre in Hollywood. Hear what personal touches she's added to her character. Hear about her journey of self discovery as she penned her book "Lady Parts" and the unique relationship she had with her dad. Plus, get the inside scoop on the sequel to "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." Next, she sticks around to judge a "Funny Bone" game in which Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare put their comedy chops to the test.

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Andrea's new book "Lady Parts" is now in bookstores.

Cristina Ferrare Cooks Cauliflower Soup

Cristina Ferrare shares her healthy soup recipe to warm up in the cold weather months. Find out how cauliflower can help prevent cancer and provides other important nutrients. Cristina carmelizes the cauliflower to bring out its flavor. She reveals the secret to this soup is the relish you put on top. And, she serves it with cheese toast.

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Kimberly Quinn Melfi

Actress Kimberly Quinn Melfi puts her life on display in "St. Vincent," which is loosely based on her father's essence. Find out the lengths to which she and her husband went to cast Bill Murray as the dad in the film. Kimberly's parents divorced when she was only one and her father left the picture at age nine. They didn't reconnect until years later when Kimberly wrote him a heartfelt letter while attending a self-help weekend.

"St. Vincent" is in theaters now.

Halloween Beauty Products with Kym Douglas

Kym Douglas highlights beauty products for Halloween time. Calling it Mother Nature's liquid facelift, Kym introduces us to eye masks used by the beautiful Angelina Jolie. Instead of face paint or masks for your Halloween costume, consider these temporary face tattoos to achieve the desired effect. And, mix together a DIY rubbery mask that will feel right off your face.


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Rx for Happiness with Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo
You're never fully dressed without a smile! Happiness expert and author of "Better Than Perfect" Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD explains how gratitude reduces stress. Learn about the grading scale of the perfectionist quiz and why you should stop being your harshest critic.

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Beating Bathroom Bacteria with Sophie Uliano

We go into the bathroom to get clean, but Sophie Uliano reveals there are high levels of bacteria there. And we're not talking about public restrooms. Your very own bathroom at home is likely a petri dish. Sophie tests family member's common bathroom items such as a toothbrush, mat, and magazine. The results are alarming! Learn how to clean with heated hydrogen peroxide.

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Cleaning Instructions:

  • Toothbrushes- Soak in 2-3 cups of heated hydrogen peroxide (heated to 130 degrees).
  • All natural cleaning wipes- Soak paper towels in a Pyrex dish of hot peroxide and tea tree oil.
  • Towels- You have to toss in laundry every 2-3 days on a hot cycle with 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide tossed into the cycle.

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DIY "Frozen" Silly Putty with Tanya Memme

Nearly a year after the theatrical release of "Frozen," kids everywhere can't seem to "Let It Go." Tanya Memme mixes and stirs sparkly silly putty that looks like it came straight out of the animated film.

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Candy Colored Hair with Erica Beatty

Colorist Erica Beatty of Meche Salon in Beverly Hills gives "Home & Family" producers Brooke Schley, Dana Leavitt, and Jill Salama and production assistant Lilly McCloskey a pop of color. It's a very relevant trend seen on Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, and Kelly Osbourne. Erica gives blonde hair a lavender hue or a pink ombre effect. Go from brunette to a fiery redhed and channel your inner popstar. If you're not ready to make a weekslong commitment to color, use a clip-on instead.

DIY Football Pumpkin Centerpiece with Mark Steines & Cristina Ferrare

Football season extends long beyond Halloween, so Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare have a great way to continue decorating with leftover pumpkins. Turn them into footballs by painting the pumpkins brown and poking holes for the lace. You can make a helmet too. And, scoop out the insides to fill the pumpkin with soup, chips, or use as an ice bucket.

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Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Best Friends Animal Society is teaming up with Hallmark Channel! This kicks off our "Adopt a Shelter Dog Month." Every day for the month of October we'll be having a furry friend here on set that is up for adoption.

Visit our gallery of dogs available for adoption today, courtesy of Best Friends!

To donate, adopt one of our shelter dogs of the day, or for more information on adoptable animals in your local communities, visit or contact Best Friends Animal Society at (818) 643-3989. We also invite you to visit and

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