Gregory Harrison Interview - Home & Family

Gregory Harrison Interview

The actor stops by to talk about his upcoming original movie on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Truth Be Told” which premieres Sunday, September 13th at 9/8c. He opens up about his character’s emotional relationship with his son and brings a clip for Home & Family to watch. In real life, Gregory is married to actress Randi Oakes and the two have four children. He says the secret to a 35 year marriage is respecting one another.

Gwendolyn Smith Cooks! - Home & Family

Gwendolyn Cooks!

Guest hosts, Gwendolyn and Kenny Smith are in the kitchen whipping up Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken with Rice & Peas. Gwendolyn prepares her mother’s dish as Kenny acts as her assistant. Gwendolyn admits that at home she loves the cooking and Kenny needs to keep his distance! To make the dish healthier, Gwendolyn removes the skin from the chicken and says the coconut oil gives it plenty of flavor.

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Ask The Smiths

Kenny and Gwendolyn sit down with Mark and answer some fun questions including info about Gwendolyn’s online modeling career at “Price is Right.” Drew Carey even joins in on the fun and Skypes in with Home & Family!

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Tanya Memme and Ken Wingard Team Up - Home & Family

DIY Side Table Into a French Tea Cart

Ken Wingard and Tanya Memme team up for a DIY that was first inspired by Paige Hemmis’s wedding. Gregory says he is taking notes because he has daughters who live in unfurnished apartments and they can use some more DIY projects in their life. This entire DIY will cost you about $60, compared to $300 if you buy it at a retail shop.

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Linda Gray Interview

Legendary television actress Linda Gray sits down with Home & Family to talk about her new book, “The Road to Happiness is Always Under Construction,” which is now available in stores and on Amazon. Linda opens up about her own mother’s alcoholism and how it affected her childhood. Linda would go on to win an Emmy in playing an alcoholic on television, Sue Ellen on “Dallas.” Linda explains how the character was almost therapeutic. Her mother would later find sobriety and the two became best friends and healed their relationship.

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Trendy Blazers

Debbie Matenopoulos is back to talk about how blazers are blowing up this season- especially the 90’s blazers with big shoulder pads. Pair the blazer with an edgy boot and your outfit is ready for a night out!

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Resetting Your Child's Brain - Home & Family

Resetting Your Child’s Brain

Dr. Victoria Dunckley talks about her four-week plan to reset your child’s brain from electronic screen over-use. She explains that the more screen time a child has, the more it can lead to mood, attention and social problems. She encourages parents to participate in a 3-4 week “screen fast” and make the children stick to it.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton is back with a whole new list of deals for this week’s Hollywood Steals!

Science of Rock Candy - Home & Family

The Science of Rock Candy

Dan Kohler is in the kitchen explaining the science of rock candy which first appeared in 9th century Iran. Dan explains that the crystal growth of the candy is due to the combination of supersaturated sugar and water. The rock candy forms in one day. Dan shows you how to make your own rock candy at home!

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