Thursday, October 4th, 2018

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Taylor Cole Interview

Actress Taylor Cole stops by Home & Family to talk about her new Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Falling For You,” which premieres Saturday, October 6th at 9/8c. She also discusses her favorite sports to play, including darts! Cameron even challenges Taylor to a ping-pong game after the interview.

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Crispy Lamb Chops with Mint Jelly

Host of “Holiday Baking Championship,” Nancy Fuller is in the kitchen making mouth-watering crispy lamb chops and pairing them with a flavorful mint jelly. The oil she uses for grilling the lamb chops is the same she used for the marinade. She encourages eating farm fresh food because it is easier to cook and healthier.

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Fall Wreaths in Three Ways

Ken Wingard, Paige Hemmis and Maria Provenzano are gathering their materials to make DIY fall wreaths. Today, they are creating a scarecrow wreath, an edible cookie wreath and a crow wreath.

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Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee talks about her new book, “Rx: Early Detection, a Cancer Journey with Sandra Lee.” She also shares stories about her own battle with cancer.

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Men’s Fall Fashions

Lawrence Zarian is introducing you to some of the hottest fall looks for men, courtesy of American Eagle Outfitters.

• Start with the burgundy printed poplin button down shirt: $24.00
• Elevate the look with a chocolate brown woven tie
• Lose the sports coat and layer on a classic, dark wash jean jacket: $56.00
• elevate his khakis and add more rich, colors like these original, straight cut, next level flex khakis in English toffee: $35.00
• Finished off the look with a tan, lug sole derby boot: $35.00

• Start with an AE crisp white, oxford, classic button-down shirt: $24.00
• Then, layer on a colorblock crew neck sweater with some of the colors of the season: yellow, navy & merrigold: $35.00
• Then layer one more time with a super cool, baja sweater hoodie: $49.00
• Finish off the look with the next level, dark wash straight jean: $35.00

• Start with a charcoal, printed poplin button down shirt: $24.00
• Then layer on a rich texture like this rustic red ae pullover sweater: $28.00
• Add black slim, black wash flex jeans: $56.00
• Finish off the look with a muli-pocket black military jacket: $63.00 (perfect layering piece for every man!!)

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DIY Felt Acorns

Ken Wingard is taking a pile of acorns and adding felt to them to make fun art. If you cannot remove the caps off the acorns with your hands, wash them in soapy water to loosen them up. If you cannot find acorns where you live, you can also always purchase online.

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Pappardelle Pasta with Wild Boar Ragu

Executive chef Michele Lisi of Nerano Restaurant is making a hearty pasta dish of pappardelle with homemade wild boar ragu sauce. He emphasizes that it is important to let the wild boar cook very slowly to make it most flavorful.

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The Samuel Project

Actors Hal Linden and Ryan Ochoa sit down with Cameron and Debbie to talk about their new movie, “The Samuel Project,” which is currently playing in theaters.

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Reversible Snowman

Paige Hemmis is turning wood slices into reversible snowmen by using a drill, wood glue and glue stick. Once she is done with the drilling, she glues on fun accessories to make the wood rounds look more like a snowman. The flatter the wood, the sturdier your DIY will be.

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Pumpkin Spiced Beverages

Maria Provenzano is ushering in the fall weather by making her own pumpkin spiced beverages. Using a crockpot, she is making pumpkin spiced lattes using half and half milk to make it extra creamy. She also makes pumpkin white hot chocolate with pumpkin puree. An added tip is adding a pinch of salt to each drink to make them more flavorful.

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