Kyle Richards Interview

The reality star Kyle Richards talks about the sixth season of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and the ups and downs of the televisionseries. She also opens up about her sister Kim’s problems with alcohol and how it was dealt with on the cameras, including their dramatic confrontation in the upcoming reunion episode. Aside from the show, Kyle also talks about her marriage to Mauricio Umansky and how they keep the romance alive while dealing with busy schedules.

Chinese Chicken Salad - Home & Family

Chef Katie Chin Cooks

The author of “Everyday Chinese Cookbook: 101 Delicious from Mother’s Kitchen” is preparing a delicious Chinese Chicken Salad she recommends to prepare on Mother’s Day. Before starting her prep, Katie Chin talks about her daughter Becca’s very own cooking show on YouTube. When she serves the salad, she adds an extra-fun touch by putting it in a Chinese food to-go container. Katie assures you that the salad is low on sugar but full on flavor.

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DIY Mosaic Table - Home & Family

Copper Kid’s Table

Dream Jobbing finalist Bekah Salazar is visiting Home & Family to demonstrate her DIY skills using copper. Today she is making a kid’s copper table. She uses her baby, Maya, as her muse when it comes to inspiration for what projects to tackle. This entire table will cost you $65 to make and up to $200 if you buy it in a store.

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Preparing for New Baby - Home & Family

Telling the Toddler About the New Baby

Kristin Smith turns to Dr. JJ for help when it comes to breaking the news to her two-year-old son that he is about to be a big brother. Dr. JJ recommends telling Kingston that this baby just means the family is growing and adding more love. She also suggests not overusing the word “big brother” because that can be confusing for the toddler. Finally, Dr. JJ says that you should buy a gift to give to the older sibling, making it “from” the new baby.

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Camilla Luddington Interview

Camilla sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about her role on the ABC drama, “Grey’s Anatomy.” Mark jokes that the last time Camilla visited Home & Family she was starstruck since she had been a fan of “Grey’s Anatomy” for so long. The English-born actress doesn’t divulge too much about her upcoming storyline but will say her character Jo has a big secret that will be revealed. Aside from “Grey’s Anatomy,” she also is staying busy playing Lara Croft in the video games, where she has to use a motion capture suit to create her character.

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DIY Mosaic Table - Home & Family

DIY Mosaic Cafe Table

Ken Wingard and Paige Hemmis team up to turn a mosaic piece of art into a table. Paige jokes that Ken was in charge of breaking plates to create the mosaic, but she was the builder, so she put the table together. This entire DIY project will only cost you $35 but will add a whole lot of flair to your home.

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Mixing Perennials and Annuals

Shirley Bovshow is breaking down how to mix perennial plants and annual plants into your garden. Perennials are plants that grow all year long, like bougainvillea trees, yellow yarrow and aura. Examples of annuals are alyssum, armeria and margarita plants and they only live during growing season. When planting them together, think of color, texture and height. Make sure you anchor your plants with soil so they don’t tip over.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton is back with a whole new list of deals!

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Fudge Brownie Trifles with Lemon Zest Whipped Cream - Home & Family

Fudge Brownie Trifles

Cristina is back in the kitchen whipping up a refreshing dessert with the help of Little Debbie Brownies. She says this is the perfect Mother’s Day dessert because the kids will love to help with the prep work in the kitchen. Remember, 42% of moms love chocolate on Mother’s Day! You can design the plate with flowers and berries for an extra-special touch.

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