Alan and Tanya Thicke Interview - Home & Family

Alan and Tanya Thicke Interview

Married couple Alan and Tanya Thicke talk about their reality-sitcom, “Unusually Thicke.” It is a different kind of show that they don’t label as a reality show. The couple joke about their different parenting skills. The two just celebrated their tenth anniversary and talk about first meeting at a Florida Marlins gala event.
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Bruschetta Trio - Home & Family

Bruschetta Trio

Victor Rallo, host of “Eat! Drink! Italy!” is in the Home & Family kitchen and is joined by his son, Jake. Jake’s show centers around Italian food and drinking Italian wines. Jake first started getting into cooking when he was eight and was able to help his father with prep work in the kitchen.

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Kym’s Fixes!

Kym helps out a Home & Family viewer who wants to soften the lines above her lip and on her forehead and wants to address her dry hair. Kym brings some very age-defying products to help Susie out.

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Brush of Honor - Home & Family

Brush of Honor

Painter Phil Taylor talks about painting fallen soldiers for the last eight years. He is joined by Terry and Beth Burgess, whose son Bryan, enlisted in the military shortly after 9/11 and later died while in Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban. Terry and Beth connected with Phil after seeing one of his paintings for another fallen soldier. Phil’s work is now being documented in the show “Brush of Honor” which premieres May 21st on INSP.

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Russell Hornsby Interview

Actor Russell Hornsby opens up about being on the NBC show, “Grimm” and even gives fans a little preview of what to expect in the upcoming season finale. Aside from acting, Russell is preparing himself for a much bigger role, being a first-time father! He admits he is very excited and very nervous.
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Damien Escobar Performs

Two-time Emmy-winning violinist, Damien Escobar is on the Home & Family stage to perform. Before he plays his song, “Awaken,” he talks about the beginning of his career and signing his first record deal at the age of 17. Damien has even played a personal concert for Oprah!

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Memories of Michigan

Kym and one of the Home & Family producers share their memories of their time in Michigan. Kym talks about how she met her husband Jerry when she was working in Michigan and assigned to interview him. There was definitely laughter at first sight when the two met! Meanwhile, Jill the producer talks about how excited she was to bring her boyfriend to her home state of Michigan for the holidays.

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Groom and Groomsmen Trends - Home & Family

Groom and Groomsmen Trends

With Paige and Jason’s wedding only 39 days away, Lawrence Zarian is here to help with the latest groom and groomsmen trends. Jason and Paige are joined by Jason’s Best Man, Scott Field. Lawrence Zarian is here to share the latest trends, since the photos are going to last forever. Jason and Scott have been friends since fifth grade and now here they are getting ready for Jason’s wedding! Grey suits are in now and so are added accessories for extra flair. Also, don’t steer away from splashes of color!
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How to Decorate without Spending a Fortune

Ken Wingard answers a Facebook question from a viewer who is a single mom who wants to make her house a home while on a budget. Ken believes entertainment centers can open up your room. He also advises that your pictures should draw eyes upwards and remember that paint should define and not divide areas. The key is also to declutter your house to make it look bigger.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton is back with a whole new list of Hollywood Steals that you will want to get a hold of!

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