Thursday, May 10th, 2018

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Lemon Ricotta Hotcakes - Home & Family

Lemon Ricotta Hotcakes

Executive chef from Pasadena’s Union Restaurant, Bruce Kalman, is in the kitchen preparing lemon ricotta hotcakes. The key to this dish is to allow the yeast to rise in a warm place so it doesn’t “fall asleep.”

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Mirai Nagasu and Alan Bersten

Professional dancer, Alan Bersten and Olympic figure skater Mirai Nagasu visit Home & Family to talk about “Dancing with the Stars: Athletes” which you can watch Mondays at 8/7c in ABC. Alan also opens up about a tumor he recently had removed last month. Meanwhile, Mirai has been staying busy practicing for her upcoming “Stars on Ice” tour with fellow Olympic skater, Adam Rippon.

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Mother's Day Floral Arrangements - Home & Family

Mother’s Day Floral Arrangements

Floral design expert Amy Marella is giving you tips on how to put together the perfect Mother’s Day floral arrangements. You can find floral foil available for these arrangements at gardening stores and also online. If you plan on watering the flowers, she recommends using wet floral foam.

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Maximize Your Maxi

Lawrence Zarian is giving you some fashion tips on how to sport your maxi dress for the summer.

Dresses courtesy of

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DIY Honeycomb Bookcase - Home & Family

DIY Honeycomb Bookcase

Paige Hemmis is putting together a fun DIY honeycomb bookcase that would be a great addition to any room. When building this bookshelf, use plywood for its sturdiness.

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Pineapple Seafood Paella - Home & Family

Pineapple Seafood Paella

Chef Lawrence Page of WE TV’s “Hustle & Soul,” is in the kitchen making a pineapple seafood paella. He recommends putting whatever your favorite seafood into this dish and cutting the pineapple’s top off for it to resemble a bowl shape. When done with the paella, add seafood rice inside the pineapple and serve.

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Pet Disaster Preparedness

Larissa Wohl is giving you some helpful tips on how pet owners can be ready for when disaster strikes. This includes making or purchasing your own pet disaster kit which includes water, food, leash, collar, vet documents and medication. Also include a photo of yourself with your pet to prove ownership.

Humane Society:


Pet friendly accomodations:

· Pet Friendly Hotels (United States)

· (United States)

· (International)

· (International)

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DIY Keepsake Ornament Tree Display

Ken Wingard is getting into the holiday spirit by showing you how to build your own display tree to keep your Hallmark Keepsake ornaments on. If you want to avoid using wood, you can always use insulation foam and paint it to match your room decor.

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Miss USA 2017 Winner

Kara McCullough sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about how her life has changed since being crowned Miss USA last year.

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Mother's Day Floral Arrangements - Home & Family

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Baskets

Monica Potter is back and today she is showing you how to put together gift baskets in time for Mother’s Day. You can your own printable Mother’s Day coupons at